Life Lessons from Superstar Rajinikanth

Yet another December 12th & another birthday for the Superstar which gives all the fans so many reasons to be happy on his birthday & celebrate it with lot of joy & excitement! Although this year he’s not going to celebrate his birthday due to the demise of ex CM Jayalalithaa’s & actor-political activist Cho Ramasamy’s. Anyways on every Superstar’s birthday we keep seeing many articles & coverages in TV about his rags to riches story which we all know. This year as a fan I would like to analyse the role of Superstar in my life & why I have gone to the extent of seeing Rajinikanth as a human god for me?Continue reading “Life Lessons from Superstar Rajinikanth”

Kabali Movie Review: Rajini’s Swag is Intact, But the Film Needed More than That

In a scene from Pa.Ranjith’s Kabali we see an ageing gangster attend a graduation ceremony at a rehabilitation centre which is close to his heart. Kabaleeshwaran (Rajinikanth) is recently out of jail after 25 years and is still trying to find out some answers. The students ask him various questions, on his past life-how he became a gangster, how he landed up in jail, about his marriage etc. One of them, Meena (Riythvika) even asks as to how did Kumudhavalli (Radhika Apte) fall in love with a dark looking guy like him and pat comes the reply that it’s all about the power of black colour. Now this seemingly simple dialogue is what makes it fun to watch a Rajini film, the fans love it and even the others will certainly smile on hearing this. Cut to another scene, this time in a 5 star hotel room in Chennai where Kabali and his daughter Yogi (Dhansika) are startled to hear the doorbell ring quite a few times, only to realise that the person at the door is none other than their local support provider.Continue reading “Kabali Movie Review: Rajini’s Swag is Intact, But the Film Needed More than That”

Kabali: A Quick Review


Kabali Poster 10It is confirmed now that this is Kalyug: Tarzan is a family man, Superman is emotional, Batman spends more time with his girlfriend and Rajinikant has become old!!! I always thought age can never catch up with Rajini, only Rajini can catch up with age (my original :P). But Pa. Ranjith (director of Kabali) has proved me wrong. For our consolation, he has given us Radhika Apte as Kabali’s wife and Dhansika in one of her hottest roles.

Kabali (Rajini) is the ‘Robinhood Don’ of the Tamils in Malaysia as he takes over from his godfather (Naseer) and fights Tony (Winston Chao). But unlike Marlon Brando who plots and kills slyly, Kabali believes in style- driving over his opponents or shooting them on a billiards table. After all, his wife has been killed and he is looking for vendetta after being released from prison.Continue reading “Kabali: A Quick Review”

12 Interesting Facts About the 12/12/12 Man-Rajinikanth

Rajnikanth CollageThis post is dedicated to the one and only Superstar Rajinikanth who celebrates his 62nd birthday today ( 12/12/12 ). So how about looking at 12 interesting details about the person on this occasion? If you are an ardent Rajini fan then I guess you should be aware of most of these facts.So here we go- Continue reading “12 Interesting Facts About the 12/12/12 Man-Rajinikanth”