Darbar (2020) Tamil Movie Review: All Style and No Substance

SUPERSTARS in cinema is a rare concept now, probably the only star in the world who has seen such a longevity in his career is Rajinikanth. Perhaps no other star in the entire cinematic history of the world has played the lead role and shouldered such big budgets beyond the age of 60. Continue reading “Darbar (2020) Tamil Movie Review: All Style and No Substance”

Jai Ho Movie Review : A Lazy Film That Falls Short of Its Promise of Entertainment

Jai Ho 2014Not all well-intentioned ideas get converted into good films. Jai Ho is the best example of such a film where in a simple idea of paying it forward is drilled into your head via naive contrived and melodramatic situations till you get bored of it. Eventually, you end up telling three people to not watch the film. Yes, that is a joke which you will understand only when you have seen the movie. Continue reading “Jai Ho Movie Review : A Lazy Film That Falls Short of Its Promise of Entertainment”

Salman Khan’s Jai Ho Official Movie Trailer

Jai HoSalman khan is currently having the best form of his life and its almost like whatever he touches turns into gold. Even SRK loyalist Karan Johar opened this season’s Koffee with Karan, with Salman Khan. We have been hearing about is forthcoming film Jai Ho ever since it went into pre-production, the title changed from Mental to Jai Ho. This is a remake of the Telugu film Stalin, which was inspired from the Hollywood movie Pay it Forward.Probably the people behind Jai Ho choose this film as it is about a character who wants to do good for the society . Just like MGR and NTR who used their onscreen character charisma for political benefit way back, similarly it seems Salman Khan wants to link his character here in the film with that of his brand/persona i.e Being Human.Continue reading “Salman Khan’s Jai Ho Official Movie Trailer”

Kalimannu: Sneak Peek

KalimannuAll those who follow Malayalam Cinema are aware of Blessy‘s reputation to make films that stay well within the commercial boundaries and yet remain artistic as well. After Pranayam which was one of the better Malayalam films of 2011, Blessy announced that his next film would be Kalimannu and the film has been in the news ever since then.Continue reading “Kalimannu: Sneak Peek”

The Rajiv Rai Trilogy

Recently I’ve come across many trilogies by great directors, like the Color trilogy, death trilogy, some zombie trilogy, some vampire trilogy and there are many more which I’m unaware of. When we look for trilogies coming from India, the first one that comes to mind is the Apu trilogy. I am sure Shyam Benegal also has a trilogy, but to be honest I’ve seen very few of his 70-80’s era movies.

But I grew up with the Rajiv Rai trilogy. Hahaha. Sounds like a big joke, right? Believe me, it isn’t. I very strongly believe Rajiv Rai completed a trilogy with Mohra. Please don’t laugh. I confess. I am a tru-blu fan of Mr. Rajiv Rai.Continue reading “The Rajiv Rai Trilogy”

Flopiya List

Taariq in Hum Kisi Se Kum Nahin!!!

This is my second effort at Mad-About-Moviez as an author, and I must thank all concerned, especially Sethu, to bring out a new revolution. I feel like a child again, that too, who has just been left on his own in a candy-store…Continue reading “Flopiya List”