Sanju Movie Review: Kar har maidaan fateh…fir thak haar ke so



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Sanju Movie Review: Baba Ki Chowki

What can one say about Sanjay Dutt, that the multitudes of headlines, columns, think pieces, testimonials, and even an unauthorized biography, haven’t let us know? Dutt or Baba as he’s more fondly referred to by his fandom, ranging from colleagues in the film fraternity, to the man on the street, has always been a darling of the masses, in spite of his many misadventures with the law.Continue reading “Sanju Movie Review: Baba Ki Chowki”

Ajab Sanju Ki Gajab Kahani

The day I learnt that Sanjay Dutt is stepping into politics I was a little confused; I was wondering if it is his cup of tea or will he be just tasting it to add yet another experience in his already mired life. Continue reading “Ajab Sanju Ki Gajab Kahani”

Faasle – Vijay – Parampara! Yash Chopra’s Trilogy Of Terrible!

Yash Chopra, who can be described as the grand vizier of Bollywood possessed a body of work that any other director would only aspire to achieve. He has tackled various subjects, some safe, and some rather controversial. He has worked across diverse genres and his movies have ranged from big budget visual extravaganzas (Waqt, Chandni) to character driven minimalist cinema (Ittefaq) and has usually done a fantastic job of them all. Continue reading “Faasle – Vijay – Parampara! Yash Chopra’s Trilogy Of Terrible!”

Waqt : Yash Chopra's Magnum Opus

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”
– John Lennon

Lala Kedarnath was a joyous man, celebrating his success and singing to his lady love Aye Meri Zohrajabeen. He was a self-made man who never believed in astrologers or predictions; and making it on his own was one of the reasons for his pompous party. But little did he know that destiny had other plans for him.Continue reading “Waqt : Yash Chopra's Magnum Opus”

SHAAN: The Big Daddy of Entertainment

“There is no failure. Only feedback” – Robert Allen.

One of the most successful films ever made in India released in 1975 which has ample space being given in books, film history, cyberspace and every living soul in this part of the world in their lifetime has knowingly given it a view. SHOLAY remains the only true all time blockbuster, if one goes with an adjusted inflation at box box office and rightfully maintains that spot untouched, even though every year we have trade successes categorizing blockbusters to movies which surely will never stand the test of time.Continue reading “SHAAN: The Big Daddy of Entertainment”