Bangistan Movie Review: Only if There Were More Laughs

A film critic turning into a film director is a mouthwatering prospect. Karan Anshuman does the courageous act with Bangistan and you expect the nitty gritties of the film to be tightened. After all, those who throw stones at others should know how to save themselves if those stones are tossed back at them!Continue reading “Bangistan Movie Review: Only if There Were More Laughs”


Now this is what symbolizes the spirit of Indie Cinema.12073 is a small film but with a big heart. Made by a small team ( just 5 members ) of dedicated and passionate people, the film is directed and edited by Sumit Purohit. Produced by Puneet Krishna and Sumit himself under the Alien Footprints Production banner, the film has Gaurav Dwivedi and Shubham playing the main leads. Continue reading “12073-Trailer”