Iraivi Movie Review: An Interesting Tale of Three (WO) MEN

At the very outset let me start by confessing that Karthik Subbaraj makes it difficult for critics when it comes to reviewing his films. I say difficult because he comes up with films for which it is tough to analyse things in detail as such and also avoiding serious spoilers as well. At the same time he packs in way too much into his films, that it is tough not to think, assimilate one’s thoughts and then come up with something that you feel is satisfactory enough for the film in question. With his third film, the well anticipated Iraivi now in theatres it’s also heartening to say that Karthik has managed to pull it off once again. He has come up with a film that once again carries his stamp of intelligent filmmaking and is completely different from his earlier works, Pizza and Jigarthanda. With Iraivi the focus is on just a few characters, 3 men and 3 women to be precise. It’s a story of multiple relationships, with nothing seen as simple and straight forward.Continue reading “Iraivi Movie Review: An Interesting Tale of Three (WO) MEN”

24 (2016) Movie Review: Ambitious Tale of a Time Twisting Watch

Travelling into the past or the future, in short time travel is something that has always fascinated the human brain. For centuries together someone or the other has been trying various means to manage the same, even attempting to make their own version of a “time machine” or any such device to enable the same. While many theories abound on the feasibility and practical nature of time travel as a concept to develop and exist, nevertheless it’s also a phenomenon which has caught the fancy of filmmakers across the World, including India as they go about trying to exploit the concept through films. Be it Aditya 369, Love Story 2050 or even the recent Indu Netru Naalai, all of them have been attempts at making a true sci-fi film with time travel as the core concept. Vikram Kumar‘s 24 is one such addition to this list of films, this time around the stakes involved are higher as it features Suriya in the lead, an extremely popular actor from Tamil cinema, with a fan following all over South India. Considering that Suriya has gone on to produce the film himself the potential involved was also something that was appearing to be obvious.Continue reading “24 (2016) Movie Review: Ambitious Tale of a Time Twisting Watch”

Indru Netru Naalai: Trailer

Indru Netru Naalai Poster 3Ravi Kumar.R who was an associate of Nalan Kumarasamy earlier,now turns director with Indru Netru Naalai (Today,Yesterday, Tomorrow). Produced jointly by C.V.Kumar‘s Thirukumaran Entertainment and Studio Green,the film features Vishnu Vishal, Karunakaran and Mia George along with Jayaprakash, Sai Ravi, T.M.Karthik and Arya in a cameo. Music is by Hip Hop Thamizha while A.Vasanth is the DOP and Leo John Paul is the editor. Indru Netru Naalai is a science fiction-comedy revolving around time travel. Continue reading “Indru Netru Naalai: Trailer”

Biriyani Movie Review: This Biriyani is Harmless but isn’t Tasty

Biriyani PosterVenkat Prabhu made a smooth transition from acting to filmmaking with Chennai 600028 which till date remains his best film, not just for me but for a whole lot of others following his career. Connecting cricket and cinema, two things that appeal the most to Indians, the film was peppered with a lot of humour and was as realistic as it could get. The film also enabled a whole lot of younger actors to emerge into the forefront. While his next two films Saroja and Goa couldn’t repeat the same magic of Chennai 600028, nevertheless they were still fun films by and large. Continue reading “Biriyani Movie Review: This Biriyani is Harmless but isn’t Tasty”

Why Disney India and YRF need to develop some sense of humour

Hansika Hot navel and kiss is SettaiEarlier this year Kamal Hassan’s magnum opus which dealt with an Indian spy in the USA fighting Taliban met with strong opposition from the Muslim community. Strangely they were opposed to Kamal Hassan showing Muslims as villains as they thought it will malign the image of Muslims. They wanted certain scenes involving the Taliban to be chopped off, instead of opposing the Taliban’s action which is kind of strange actually. Strange because these people were accusing an actor like Kamal Hassan of  harboring bias towards Muslim when he has always stood up for the right of the minorities. It was evident that the protests were politically orchestrated as Kamal did not give the satellite rights of the film to the political masters in the  state. You can read more about how similar incidents have been taking place all over India in an earlier article that I wrote.

Now the industry always expresses it’s helplessness when it is attacked, but then this year we also saw a few incidents which has left no doubt in our mind that given a choice the entertainment industry can be a bigger bully than our politicians.Continue reading “Why Disney India and YRF need to develop some sense of humour”

Pizza 2-The Villa: First Look Promo

Pizza 2 The VillaPizza was a revolutionary Tamil movie in every sense. The initial half of 2012 saw a lot of big Tamil films biting the dust & not living up to expectations. And here was a small film with a relatively new technical crew including a director making his debut, Karthik Subbaraj. Continue reading “Pizza 2-The Villa: First Look Promo”

Kumki Movie Review: Why despite its shortcomings it is a cinematic achievement to be proud of

Disclaimer: I have not even seen a scene from Mynaa, the Director’s much acclaimed previous outing. So this review is bereft of biases or expectations resulting from the same.

Thirupathi Brothers’ produced, Studio Green distributed Kumki has built up humongous expectations thanks to aggressive promotions involving catchy collateral all over, hit songs on FM stations and the internet for a few months now and of course being the launch vehicle of Vikram Prabhu, the next scion of the Nadigar Thilagam dynasty. If all of this was not enough, it has to live up to the reputation of Prabhu Solomon’s Mynaa.Continue reading “Kumki Movie Review: Why despite its shortcomings it is a cinematic achievement to be proud of”


Prabu Solomon started off as an A.D to Agathian and later on went on to make lacklustre Tamil films like Kannodu Kanbathellam and King before making amends with Kokki and Lee. But it was Mynaa which went onto surprise everyone. Released for Diwali in 2010, Mynaa not only turned out to be the best film released during the festival that year but its easily also one of the better Tamil films of late.Continue reading “Kumki-Trailer”

Naan Mahaan Alla Movie Review: Fiery Yet Realistic

When the Karthi wave is at its peak and you have a lackluster film like Saguni turning out to be a huge success I’m kind of wondering what’s happening. This also made me ponder about Karthi who started off his career with a Paruthiveeran and who also did an Aayirathil Oruvan as well before Paiyaa and Siruthai made him change his whole course of action. In between he also did a movie called Naan Mahaan Alla which was quite a violent film but made with a lot of sensibility, not seen usually in films of this genre. So here is an attempt to revisit my memories of Naan Mahaan Alla.Continue reading “Naan Mahaan Alla Movie Review: Fiery Yet Realistic”