Sanskrit Movie ‘Priyamanasam’: Trailer

Vinod Mankara‘s Priyamanasam has been in the news for the last few months. Only the 3rd ever Sanskrit film made in India, the film was rejected by the International Film Festival of Kerala but has gone on to make it to other festivals and has now won the National Award for Best Sanskrit film thisContinue reading “Sanskrit Movie ‘Priyamanasam’: Trailer”

Loham Movie Review: Yellow Metal without the Required Shine

Writer-director Ranjith and superstar Mohanlal have had a long working relationship. From writing some of the popular films of Mohanlal like Devasuram, Aaram Thampuran, Narasimham etc Ranjith went on make his directorial debut with Ravanaprabhu featuring Mohanlal. While not all the films from this combination may have worked, some of their films did manage toContinue reading “Loham Movie Review: Yellow Metal without the Required Shine”

London Bridge: Trailer

Anil C.Menon‘s London Bridge featuring Prithviraj was originally meant to be an Onam release in 2013 but with the shooting not getting over in time,the release got delayed.Produced by Antony Binoy and Sathish.B, London Bridge is a film completely based in London and supposed to be a romantic entertainer. Prithviraj has been having a splendidContinue reading “London Bridge: Trailer”

Swapaanam: Trailer

Cinematographer turned filmmaker Shaji N.Karun is not only one of the best Malayalam filmmakers around,but probably one of the few Indian filmmakers with a truly international appeal. Known for his various films like Piravi, Vanaprastham, Kutty Srank etc, Shaji is now ready with his next film, Swapaanam.