Jio MAMI with Star to host the World Premiere of Vikramaditya Motwane’s TRAPPED

Among several firsts, the Jio MAMI 18th Mumbai Film Festival with Star announces a new category titled ‘Spotlight’. Spotlight is a carefully crafted segment of films that recognises Indian cinema’s historical trajectories, celebrates its creative impulses and explores its futures. The section kicks off with the world premiere of Vikramaditya Motwane’s ‘Trapped’Continue reading “Jio MAMI with Star to host the World Premiere of Vikramaditya Motwane’s TRAPPED”

88th Academy Awards (Oscars 2016): The Complete List of Winners

All the winners from 88th Academy Awards, we will be updating the list as when they are announced.

Best Original Screenplay: Spotlight

Best Adapted Screenplay: The Big ShortContinue reading “88th Academy Awards (Oscars 2016): The Complete List of Winners”

Spotlight (2015) Movie Review: Shocking, Sensitive and Relevant

I grew up like many others at a time when probably no one even used a term like sexual abuse especially when it came to minors. Not that sexual abuse is a recent phenomenon; it was definitely quite prevalent way before I was born, but it wasn’t something that people spoke about openly for a long time. Perhaps the stray voice that would come out with any honest claims of being sexually abused would have been hushed up by people around them, also for many people earlier the very concept of someone being sexually abused would have been difficult to accept or digest. If you probably try to think carefully maybe you might just be able to relate to something that probably suggests your own personal tale of abuse, or something that you perhaps heard of or saw in your ignorance. Thankfully these days there is growing awareness and an increasing sensitivity exhibited by many people when it comes to addressing something like this.Continue reading “Spotlight (2015) Movie Review: Shocking, Sensitive and Relevant”

Spotlight (2015) Movie Review: Why Journalism Still Matters

Interestingly, even as Spotlight released this week, a student leader is charged with anti- sedition law in India, aided by a fake video which has been circulated by 3 news channels which incidentally has now cast suspicion on the lives of students and the reputation of a fine institute.

The press as we all know is the fourth pillar of any democracy and it is essential for any true and successful nation to have an independent press. In one of the early scenes from the movie when the Cardinal suggests “The city flourishes when its great institutions work together,” the new editor points out how important it is for the press to work alone.Continue reading “Spotlight (2015) Movie Review: Why Journalism Still Matters”