Mohanlal: From Narendran to Kunjali Marakkar IV, a Journey to be Admired

With all of us being confined to our homes for nearly 2 months or so, all thanks to the Covid-19 outbreak, we have seen our lives getting altered in ways that we had never anticipated and looked forward to. I have been someone who generally preferred the experience of watching movies in cinemas, not getting lured by the abundant content (films, web-series and much more) available on the numerous OTT/digital platforms that we have access to. Every few months I would ponder over trying to embrace the OTT platforms, but kept delaying the inevitable, only for this lockdown to finally bring in the transition in my case. So thus, I have been getting my daily fix of entertainment at home in the last couple of months, watching film after film, series after series. And in this process, I also watched Ranjith’s Drama (2018), a rare Mohanlal film in recent times that I had missed watching in a theatre.Continue reading “Mohanlal: From Narendran to Kunjali Marakkar IV, a Journey to be Admired”

Run Baby Run-Trailer

Veteran Malayalam filmmaker Joshiy is known for his action films and thrillers and has worked with the best of the actors in Malayalam so far. While his recent films have been a mixed bag and not as good as some of his earlier films; it is also to be noted that as far as the trade is concerned he’s a relatively safe bet. Continue reading “Run Baby Run-Trailer”

Spirit Movie Review: Social Entertainer served Ranjith Style

Spirit PosterAll those who follow Malayalam Cinema certainly would agree that writer-director Ranjith is one of the more reliable voices in the industry in the recent times. His recent films have time & again indicated that he is willing to tackle interesting themes while still remaining within the confines of mainstream cinema. So when his latest film ‘Spirit’ got announced it certainly made news for a lot of reasons.Continue reading “Spirit Movie Review: Social Entertainer served Ranjith Style”