Talvar Movie Review: Is it sharp enough?

This review comes in a bit late and by now most of you have figured out what the movie is based on. For those who haven’t been in touch with the digital world for the past week (like me), Talvar is based on the 2008 Noida “double murder” of Arushi Talwar and Hemraj ( Get the title now? So so subtle right ?. More on the title later). I had seen the promos of this films a while ago and to be frank they didn’t quite impress me. It seemed like one of those films whose whole purpose was to cash in on the hype. But back then I didn’t notice that it was written by Vishal Bhardwaj, for whom I have high regards. If that was not compelling enough, the movie has got some good reviews overall. So coming to the question that matters,is this Talvar sharp enough to make the cut ? Read on to find out.Continue reading “Talvar Movie Review: Is it sharp enough?”

Talvar Movie Review: Oh, What A Film!

I wanted to take some time out after watching Meghna Gulzar and Vishal Bharadwaj’s Talvar earlier today before I write about it, just to consolidate my thoughts. Now, we all are very well acquainted with the Aarushi Talwar double murder case of 2008 which is still ongoing. Her parents are still in jail and fighting for innocence largely due to a botched up crime scene and lack of factual evidence. If anyone has not heard about it, it is might as well suggested to take the subscription of latest newspaper daily with immediate effect, or alternately, just open your eyes and ears to the world. Continue reading “Talvar Movie Review: Oh, What A Film!”

Gulabi Gang: Trailer

Gulabi GangGulabi Gang is a documentary film by Nishtha Jain which has been doing the festival rounds for a while. The film is based on the Gulabi Gang  a group of Indian women vigilantes and activists originally from Bundelkhand, Uttar Pradesh and led by Sampat Pal Devi.Produced by Torstein Grude, Rakesh Haridas is the DOP while Arjun Gourisaria is the editor and Peter Scartabello takes care of music. The film is now being presented by Sohum Shah (of Ship of Theseus fame) and is being released on 21st February, via PVR Director’s Rare.

Check out the trailer of the film-

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Nominations For the Best of Bollywood 2013!

Like most other years, 2013 too has been an eventful year for the Hindi film industry. And unlike other years, 2013 was also the 100th year for the Hindi film industry. However, the centenary wasn’t really a landmark in terms of quality; we didn’t have a watershed of extraordinary films. Yes, we had a few brilliant pieces of cinema but we also had a truckload of terrible movies. What has been most encouraging in this entire melee is the gradual acceptance and support rendered to smaller films. While we had Kiran Rao helping a “Ship of Theseus” to get a release, we had a Karan Johar taking “The Lunchbox” out to the masses. In this post, I enumerate my (completely) personal list of favourite films of 2013 and their different aspects. These are my nominations for the best of Bollywood in the year 2013. While I have considered six nominees for every category (most of which are non-technical), I have added one more as “Almost There”, whom / what I feel is good but not enough to be on the list. Would love to get your vote from the nominees or any additional candidate you feel like.Continue reading “Nominations For the Best of Bollywood 2013!”

Ship of Theseus: The Most Original Indian Indie Film

Language : Hinglish | Running Time : 140 Minutes | Director  : Anand Gandhi
As I walked out of the theater, I wondered when was the last time an Indian film made me think not only about the craft involved in the making of the film but life and society in general? It has been an hour since I walked out of the theater and I still don’t have the answer to that question and the answer might very well be “None”. I didn’t watch Udaan in the theater, which I still regret and there hasn’t been any other film which actually made me fall in love with a  movie for the questions it raised and the intellectual “masturbation” that it provided in the recent past. Before you harken back and ask me about Aval Appadithan and some other classics, I didn’t watch them in the theater, so I am not considering them for now. Ship of Theseus gave me the kind of intellectual masturbation that I crave for. Continue reading “Ship of Theseus: The Most Original Indian Indie Film”

"I create order & design to achieve a perfectly working illusion of spontaneity"- Anand Gandhi

In early 2000s, NDTV Profit aired a T.V. programme where short films were shown and discussed over with the film maker himself. It was my introduction to the format and was fascinated by the stories and concepts in those films. However, only one film stayed with me over all these years- Anand Gandhi’s Right Here Right Now. (please watch the short if you still haven’t: part 1 | part 2)Continue reading “"I create order & design to achieve a perfectly working illusion of spontaneity"- Anand Gandhi”

In Conversation with Sohum Shah: On Ship of Theseus and More

Soham ShahOne of the most talked about Indian indie films in the recent past is Anand Gandhi’s Ship of Theseus which is finally seeing it’s Indian theatrical release on 19th July. MAM got an opportunity recently to have a chat with Sohum Shah, the producer and one of the main actors in the film, here’s an excerpt from the conversation.Continue reading “In Conversation with Sohum Shah: On Ship of Theseus and More”

Ship of Theseus: A Perspective

Ship of Theseus PosterThe Sydney Film Festival has been increasing in popularity over the last few years. In recent years, there have been numerous Indian movies, short movies and documentaries that have been showcased in the festival. I have been fortunate enough to see some fantastic movies before some others around the world get an opportunity to see them.Continue reading “Ship of Theseus: A Perspective”

Ship of Theseus: Official Trailer

Ship of Theseus PosterAfter charming viewers at various film festivals, both in India and overseas Anand Gandhi‘s critically acclaimed film-Ship of Theseus is finally getting a much deserved theatrical release in India. Thanks to the association of Kiran Rao who is now presenting the film, UTV will   be releasing the film on 19th July across cinemas in India.Continue reading “Ship of Theseus: Official Trailer”