Ashiqana By Vaibhav Kashyap: Artist’s Diary!

Ashiqana came into existence out of a slightly intoxicated conversation between best friends. Sometimes, life gives us means to make small dreams come true, in a very large way. I have always wanted to be a performer. In fact, I spent most of my college years either singing or dancing on stage. I also happen to be blessed with a friend such as Sudeep Nigam who had the courage to forego a stable corporate life and chase his dreams.Continue reading “Ashiqana By Vaibhav Kashyap: Artist’s Diary!”

In Conversation with TV Writer and Short Filmmaker Manish Singh: On Sucks’S Story and More

Manish Singh is an Indian screenwriter and director. He started writing since 2007 and has written for few Hindi TV shows (CID, FIR,HEROES,Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls)  which include thrillers and comedy. Sucks’S story is his directorial debut and his 1st short film. In a casual conversation with MAM, Manish Singh speaks about the making of Sucks’S Story.

From being a writer for Television to making a short film, how has been the journey so far?

The journey was interesting…and is still going on…TV is a completely different world where we have to write within a fixed span of time.But short films or feature films are more special as we spend more time on it….writing for TV makes you feel busy while writing for short films make you feel relaxed.Continue reading “In Conversation with TV Writer and Short Filmmaker Manish Singh: On Sucks’S Story and More”

In Conversation with Helen Bonaparte

I interviewed Helen Bonaparte earlier this week regarding her role in A Public Ransom and given below  is an excerpt from our online conversation.

How did you approach the role?

To be honest, I didn’t “approach” it in any particular way.  I kind of just showed up with my lines memorized, and we hashed out the delivery during rehearsals.  It was rather easy for me – given that I live with the writer, and he knows me very well.He essentially just wrote the character based on me from the outset.  I feel somewhat like a fraud since I didn’t have to do too much “acting” per se, except perhaps in the last scene, where the director wanted me to stand still to illustrate Steven’s flailing about behind me.  It was difficult to stand still, in fact.  What I really wanted Rene to do was to beat the shit out of Steven, which is what I would probably really do in the situation, had it happened to me.  At least I got to slap him.Continue reading “In Conversation with Helen Bonaparte”

The Making of “Innum Oru Iravu” song from Kattradhu Thamizh

Kattradhu-Thamizh“Innum oru iravu” – was my favorite song to shoot after “paravaye engu irukirai” in Ram’s Kattradhu Thamizh, and it was the only song we had in hand in a complete recorded format before we went for shooting, rest of the songs were been given to us as just tunes with nothing more on musical part done. So we had no choice to keep us charged apart from hearing “innum oar iravu”… more over that’s a special song in terms of lyrics too. To be honest as a DOP to get the mood of the film, this song helped me a lot. Ram and I never compromised in search of virgin locations for this film. As this song is all about Prabhakar’s ‘on the run’ we just had a open mind to shoot it anywhere that looked interesting and supportive to improve its visual. Half of the song was shot near Cudappah in Andhra.Continue reading “The Making of “Innum Oru Iravu” song from Kattradhu Thamizh”

The Lootera Journey: From the Eyes of the 1st A.D

Nikhil picLootera for me was an amazing experience, an experience to cherish for lifetime. Probably the best film that I’ve worked on so far…….but before I elaborate on all this let me take you through my own journey first.Continue reading “The Lootera Journey: From the Eyes of the 1st A.D”