Nominations For the Best of Bollywood 2013!

Like most other years, 2013 too has been an eventful year for the Hindi film industry. And unlike other years, 2013 was also the 100th year for the Hindi film industry. However, the centenary wasn’t really a landmark in terms of quality; we didn’t have a watershed of extraordinary films. Yes, we had a few brilliant pieces of cinema but we also had a truckload of terrible movies. What has been most encouraging in this entire melee is the gradual acceptance and support rendered to smaller films. While we had Kiran Rao helping a “Ship of Theseus” to get a release, we had a Karan Johar taking “The Lunchbox” out to the masses. In this post, I enumerate my (completely) personal list of favourite films of 2013 and their different aspects. These are my nominations for the best of Bollywood in the year 2013. While I have considered six nominees for every category (most of which are non-technical), I have added one more as “Almost There”, whom / what I feel is good but not enough to be on the list. Would love to get your vote from the nominees or any additional candidate you feel like.Continue reading “Nominations For the Best of Bollywood 2013!”

B.A.Pass Movie Review: A Dark Coming of Age Film

New PosterI first saw Ajay Bahl’s B.A.Pass nearly 8 months in a private screening and was impressed. Luckily after all these months gone by the film does leave an impact on a repeat viewing as it has finally hit the theatres this week. Adapting a literary work into a film is never easy.Continue reading “B.A.Pass Movie Review: A Dark Coming of Age Film”

B.A.Pass: Trailer

is an indie Hindi feature film which has having a successful run in the festival circuit, both in India and overseas of late. The film has also gone on to win many awards including Best Film and Best Actor (for Shadab Kamal, the male lead) at Osian’s Cinefan 2012, PRIX DU PUBLIC-Voted Best Film by the audience, Festival Du Film D’Asie Du Sud Transgressif, Paris 2013 etc. Continue reading “B.A.Pass: Trailer”