The Best of Indian Cinema in 2016: A Perspective

Let me begin by honestly admitting that 2016 was a lukewarm year for Indian Cinema, at least that would be something that I firmly believe in. Be it Bollywood/Hindi cinema or any of the regional language film industries, things were largely subdued for a major part of the year. Be it businesswise or with respect to the quality of output, 2016 definitely seemed to lag behind 2015, forget going anywhere beyond that for a comparison. It’s not that the year was totally beyond redemption, there were some positives as well, but they were not sufficient enough to completely lift up the spirit of Indian cinema overall. Let’s begin by taking a look at Bollywood to start with. 2016 saw only 2 big blockbusters, Sultan and Dangal, none of the other successful films were runaway hits as such. So while Salman Khan and Aamir Khan delivered big time with Sultan and Dangal respectively, SRK came up with Fan which met with a mixed response, while gaining back some traction with one of the better Hindi films of the year, Dear Zindagi.Continue reading “The Best of Indian Cinema in 2016: A Perspective”

Shankhachil Movie Review: An Envious Flight of a Bird

Every now and then I keep wondering how India’s position in the World could have got stronger on various counts, if the partition of 1947 and the war of 1971 had not happened. I know it’s easy to imagine but not all that simple in reality, but can you imagine the prospects if Pakistan, Bangladesh and India were to remain united as one single Nation? Be it in politics, sports, international affairs, commerce and more, we would certainly be looked upon with far more respect by the rest of the World. There’s another strong reason for me to feel so, if not for the political and religious divide that set in post 1947, I strongly believe that there isn’t much of a difference between people on the either side of the border. Artists of Pakistan continue to be popular in India, while Hindi films are enjoying terrific patronage in Pakistan. The cultural synergy between West Bengal and East Bengal i.e Bangladesh is still very much on display, what with the language and love for literature and music remaining intact on either side of the border.Continue reading “Shankhachil Movie Review: An Envious Flight of a Bird”

Shankhachil: Trailer

Shankachil Poster 2Acclaimed filmmaker Goutam Ghose is back with his latest Bengali film, Shankhachil which is again an Indo-Bangladesh co-production similar to couple of his earlier works Padma Nadir Majhi (1992) and Moner Manush (2010). Shankhachil (boundless) is produced by Prosenjit Chatterjee and Mou Roychowdhury from India, along with Habibur Rahman Khan and Faridur Reza Sagar from Bangladesh. Featuring Prosenjit along with Kushum Shikder, Shajbati (Introducing), Dipankar Dey, Nakul Vaid, Priyanshu Chatterjee, Arindam Sil etc, the film has music by Goutam Ghose himself. Ishaan Ghose is the DOP while editing is by Baishali Dasgupta Bhaumic and Niladri RoyContinue reading “Shankhachil: Trailer”