‘Angry Indian Goddesses’ actor Pavleen Gujral in a Ruskin Bond story

Celebrated author Ruskin Bond’s stories have often hit the marquee with top notch directors such as Shyam Benegal and Vishal Bhardwaj been lured by Bond’s deft writing and plotlines.  Angry Indian Goddesses actor, Pavleen Gujral gets lucky to feature in the latest Ruskin Bond screen translation- Parchhayee which is a collection of short ghost stories. Bollywood’s finest actors have featured in earlier screen adaptations of Ruskin Bond’s stories. Pavleen Gujral joins the list now with ‘Astley Ka Intezar’, the last installment of Parchayee.Continue reading “‘Angry Indian Goddesses’ actor Pavleen Gujral in a Ruskin Bond story”


860384634-Govinda1_6Swarg was the first ever movie with which I took notice of Govinda’s acting skills, though the film was nothing more than a typical family drama. But over the years, this talented actor became an indispensable part of the movies for me as I grew.Continue reading “Go..Go..Go…Govinda”

Shyam Ramsay’s Neighbours Movie Review

Golden Globe nominated auteur Shekhar Kapoor once famously opined, “Bollywood can be divided into two parts. Sholay B.C. and Sholay A.D.” Similarly, I believe that the Horror Movie Genre can be divided into two eras – Ramsay B.C. and Ramsay A.D. There is a reason why Mr. Shyam Ramsay chose to display a 5 second slide that said ‘Ramsay Horror Is Back’ before the movie and also why keeps repeating the same sentence in every interview for the promotion of the movie “We Are A Brand, You Know”. And mind you, he is not joking, he means that in every sense of the term.Continue reading “Shyam Ramsay’s Neighbours Movie Review”

Sahasam: Trailer

Sahasam PosterChandrasekhar Yeleti is looked upon with respect in the Telugu film industry as he has always been known for making films which though commercial, tend to still stay away from the traditional masala routine. While he started off making thrillers with a soul like Aithe and Anukokonda Oka Roju (remade in Hindi by Rohit Shetty as Sunday), he moved on to action with Okkadunnadu and later romance with Prayanam.Continue reading “Sahasam: Trailer”

Popular Male Jodis of Indian Cinema: Part 1

One of the most oft explored themes in Indian cinema is that of Male bonding. Since time immemorial, the male bonding theme was explored in various ways . i.e. through a love triangle ( 2 guys falling for the same girl), lost and found formula, two brothers or friends on the opposite sides of the law and other such oft explored themes. These themes more than often resulted in some great films being made which pitted popular male actors in multistarrers against each other in various permutations and combinations.

The first part of the 2/3 part series looks at the popular male jodis of Hindi Cinema.Continue reading “Popular Male Jodis of Indian Cinema: Part 1”

Himmatwala : Not Begging for a Remake

I remember seeing Himmatwala years ago as a kid and with each passing year, it has made way for newer, better films in my memory space. Now all that I can recall about the film is Jeetendra and Sridevi dancing around colourful pots to the tune of “Naino mein sapna”. So when a remake comes along, it becomes necessary to revisit the original, which went on to become one of the most commercially successful films of 1983.
Continue reading “Himmatwala : Not Begging for a Remake”

Trailer of Priyadarshan's Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal

That prolific filmmaker Priyadarshan is churning remake after remake is something that all of us know. And it seems that he is not likely to change this scenario for now. Malamaal is one of the better Hindi films of Priyan and thus when the sequel was announced it was something to look forward to.Continue reading “Trailer of Priyadarshan's Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal”

Trailer of Priyadarshan’s Arabiyum Ottakavum P.Madhavan Nairum in Oru Marubhoomi Kadha

After a long hiatus ace filmmaker Priyadarshan returns back to Malayalam Cinema with Oru Marubhoomi Kadha ( earlier titled as Arabiyum Ottakavum P.Madhavan Nairum but changed due to some protest regarding the word Arabiyum) . Starring Mohanlal and Mukesh in the lead, the film also has Lakshmi Rai, Bhavana,Shakti Kapoor, Innocent and many others in the supporting cast.Continue reading “Trailer of Priyadarshan’s Arabiyum Ottakavum P.Madhavan Nairum in Oru Marubhoomi Kadha”