Ti Saddhya Kay Karte Marathi Movie Review: An Ode To First Love

Falling in love is a magical experience, especially when it happens for the first time. Emotions and feelings you were unaware of engulf you as you try to make sense of an experience that may be difficult to describe. A certain joy is derived as you strive to catch a glimpse of your beloved one, make your presence felt and make them feel special, with the hope that your feelings get reciprocated. Such an experience often happens before we are exposed to the harsh realities of the world, which makes it seem so pristine and beautiful.Continue reading “Ti Saddhya Kay Karte Marathi Movie Review: An Ode To First Love”

Mumbai Pune Mumbai 2 Movie Review: Is the Return Ticket Worth It?

This is going to be a short review. Most of you have already seen it or already decided not to watch it in the theatres.  Maybe this would help those who are planning to watch it when it comes on the small screen. This is the sequel to the highly acclaimed first part by Satish Rajwade. Does this one live up to the expectations?  Read on to find out.Continue reading “Mumbai Pune Mumbai 2 Movie Review: Is the Return Ticket Worth It?”

Poshter Boyz (2014) Movie Review: A Good Idea Ruined By Poor Execution

Jagan Deshmukh (Dilip Prabhvalkar) a highly respected elderly person, Sadanand Kulkarni (Hrishikesh Joshi) a respected school teacher and Arjun ( Aniket Vishwasrao) a hot tempered youngster are residents of Wadner village located in the district of Maharashtra. These people are living a peaceful life when the son in law to be of Jagan Deshmukh calls off the wedding with Jagan’s daughter. On the other hand Sadanand’s wife wants to file for a divorce and Arjun’s father in law to be (Uday Sabnis) refuses to let his daughter Kalpana (Pooja Sawant) get married to Arjun and thus these three people find their lives turned upside down all of a sudden. It soon turns out that the photos of these three men are accidentally printed on a Government ad promoting vasectomy and this has caused the turmoil in their lives and is responsible for them facing humiliation. Enraged by this, the three men set out to find the people responsible for this act and to set things right before it is too late.Continue reading “Poshter Boyz (2014) Movie Review: A Good Idea Ruined By Poor Execution”

My Best Of Regional and World Cinema In 2013

Yet another hectic and eventful year at the movies comes to an end. Every year we see films which we love, hate, abhor, feel indifferent towards. And this year has been no indifferent.

As the year draws to an end, every film buff (including yours truly) loves making a compilation of films under various such categories (good films, bad films etc)

As a movie buff this year too was no different.  There were some films, which made for pleasurable viewing while some films induced sheer boredom and made for a rather tedious viewing.  Regional cinema (esp. Tamil and Malayalam films) in my opinion once again reiterated that they are churning out films which are different from the regular fares, yet makes for some good viewing  while being commercially viable .

Besides there were a lot of foreign language films which made all the right noises amongst movie buffs and the film festival circuits.

So here goes my list of best films in the foreign films and regional cinema section.

Too many films and too little time has been the bane of every film buff. As always there were quite a few films I wanted to watch but could not due to various reasons. So in case you do not find a particular favourite of yours mentioned in this list, kindly excuse me. 🙂
Continue reading “My Best Of Regional and World Cinema In 2013”

Premachi Goshta Movie Review: Too simplistic, shallow and boring

‘Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai’ and the Television series ‘Eka Lagnachi Doosri Goshta’ have made Satish Rajwade a popular name in Maharashtrian households. I am not a big fan of Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai, but the television serial was a welcome change from the glut of substandard stuff on television. My main grouse with the former is that it borrowed heavily from Richard Linklater’s Before Sunsrise/Before Sunset. The makers of the film lacked the integrity to let people know their inspiration. On the contrary, Satish Rajwade accepted all the praise showered open his ‘fresh idea’ with open hands, by an obviously ignorant Marathi public and media. Never once, in interviews or otherwise, did he acknowledge his inspiration and that has made him enter my bad books. Though the television serial did help him redeem himself a bit. In a curious case of selling the rights for a remake of an ‘original concept’ of a film that is inspired in the first place, the makers, quite hilariously, have sold the rights for Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai’s remake in Telugu titled ‘Made in Vizag’ to be directed by Kanimani. How I wish somebody lets Linklater know of all this. 😉Continue reading “Premachi Goshta Movie Review: Too simplistic, shallow and boring”

Premachi Goshta(Love Story) Marathi Movie Trailer


Satish Rajwade has developed some reputation after his popular film Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai and also a popular Television serial ‘Eka Lagnachi Dusri Goshtra‘. His Badam Rani Ghulam Chor earlier this year didn’t make much of an impression as it couldn’t rise above the play it was based on. But he is back with his next film Premachi Goshta(Love Story). Atul Kulkarni and Chak De India girl Sagarika Ghatge are playing the leads and it sure sounds like an interesting casting. It is set to release on the 1st of February, 2013. Here’s the trailer:



Badam Rani Ghulam Chor: A movie that almost works

Badam Rani Ghulam Chor Poster

Satish Rajwade’s last film Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai was a decent adaptation of Richard Linklater’s Before Sunrise. But what had put me off is that there was no credit given to Richard Linklater and for that reason the ignorant section of the public and also the media showered Rajwade with praise for the idea which wasn’t entirely his in the first place. Here, the makers of the popular marathi play Makdachya Haathi Champagne(Champagne in the hands of a monkey) themselves approached Rajwade for adapting it into a film, but Badam Rani Ghulam Chor as an adaptation hasn’t entirely worked like in the case of Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai.Continue reading “Badam Rani Ghulam Chor: A movie that almost works”