Bairavaa Movie Review: Much Ado about Nothing

Early on into Bharathan’s (or is it Bharhathan as he prefers to call himself now) Bairavaa we see the branch manager of ICIC Bank (Y.G.Mahendra) call upon his collection agent Bairavaa (Vijay) in desperation. The manager is in a soup because of a bad debt in the form of a loan given to a local thug Karuvadu Kumar (Mime Gopi). With the bank authorities breathing down his neck, the manager has just a day to hand over the money & with his daughter’s wedding scheduled for a month later he is extremely distressed. With Bairavaa assuring his boss that he would be back with the money by the evening one would typically expect fireworks in the form of a regulation fight sequence. But that’s where Bharathan and action choreographer Anal Arasu show some ingenuity. Yes there are fireworks on display indeed but not in the form of a typical fight which would follow some chest thumping dialogues. In fact the dialogues exchanged between Bairavaa and Karuvadu Kumar is kept to the minimum and the action happens in the guise of a game of cricket.Continue reading “Bairavaa Movie Review: Much Ado about Nothing”

Vai Raja Vai: Trailer

Vai Raja Vai Poster 2Aishwarya R.Dhanush who made her debut as director with the Tamil film 3 featuring her husband Dhanush and Shruti Haasan is back with her second film, Vai Raja Vai (place it king,place it). The film features Gautham Karthik in the lead along with Priya Anand, Taapsee Pannu, Vivek, Daniel Balaji, Satish, Manobala etc and includes Dhanush is a cameo. Produced by AGS Entertainment, the film has music by Yuvan Shankar Raja, while Velraj is the DOP and V.T.Vijayan is the editor.Continue reading “Vai Raja Vai: Trailer”

Kaththi Movie Review: A Social Message Delivered via a Commercial Film

Over the years writer-director A.R.Murugadoss has made an impact with his films in Tamil (and their remakes in Telugu-Stalin and Hindi-Ghajini and Holiday). One may or may not like his films but I guess there is no debate about the fact that he does manage to bring in a variety of subjects with his films, with no film of his so far having any resemblance to any of his previous works. Even in case of an ambitious project like 7 Aum Arivu (2011) while the final outcome wasn’t all that satisfactory, the premise was quite interesting. When Murugadoss and Vijay joined hands for the first time for Thuppakki (2012) what emerged was a good commercial Tamil film which according to me is the best Vijay film since Pokkiri (2007). So with both of them coming back together for Kaththi obviously the expectations were clear and the questions were many. Continue reading “Kaththi Movie Review: A Social Message Delivered via a Commercial Film”

Sigaram Thodu Movie Review: If Only!

A pragmatic son of an honest handicapped cop realizes his true calling in the police force in the final moments of Gaurav’s Sigaram Thodu. In probably the tensest moments of the film, he busts an ATM scamming racket with some intelligently conceived sleuthing. Seems exciting, right? Well, it must have been, IF ONLY had he not been fooling around meaninglessly with his ‘trying hard to be funny’ friend and ‘trying hard to be cute’ girlfriend for the first ninety minutes of the movie. By then he had already shaken a leg once while following his girl down the street, force kissed the girl on a flight, and had walked the picturesque mountains for a romantic duet.  As if the clichés were felt insufficient, some melodrama is staged involving the loving dad. Not to forget, this is happening at near the hundredth minute mark.  We are like ‘Dude,start the film at least now!’ Thankfully, the writing and the film happen to reach the zenith soon after.Continue reading “Sigaram Thodu Movie Review: If Only!”

Maan Karate Movie Review: Smartly Packaged But with Clichés Galore

Maan Karate PoseThere are certain films which exude a completely wonderful sense of confidence on how it would turn out at the box office. Such films see a lot of merit in getting the ‘packaging’ completely right, regardless of how the content inside turns out to be. Tamil Cinema throws up such films in front of us from time to time, and we the audience lap them up too, almost always. Thirukumaran’s Maan Karate the latest Tamil release was a film which for a host of reasons struck me to be one such film. The film had a fresh new pair in the lead-Sivakarthikeyan and Hansika Motwani. Needless to say bot the actors are quite popular and have been having a good track record in recent times. Then the film has music by the hot and happening Anirudh Ravichander, whose contribution seems to be already clear thanks to the popular songs. Above all you have the contribution of A.R.Murugadoss to whom the story is credited and who has also backed the film (Thirukumaran being a former associate of his). If all these weren’t enough reasons for me to feel confident about the film, the trailer (though nothing great) promised a through & through entertainer.Continue reading “Maan Karate Movie Review: Smartly Packaged But with Clichés Galore”

‘Cuckoo’ Music Review: Nest in peace

Cuckoo-Tamil-Movie‘Cuckoo’ is Fox Star Studios’ next Tamil production after ‘Raja Rani’. They have taken measured steps in Tamil and barring the disastrous ‘Vathikuchi’ they have been largely successful too. This time they have put their faith on Raju Murugan an erstwhile assistant of director Lingusamy. The trailer has created a lot of expectations of a wholesome family entertainer involving the love story around 2 visually impaired protagonists and the quirky characters around them. The music released a couple of weeks ago has met with highly favourable reviews. The rising star of tamil film music, Santhosh Narayanan is scaling new peaks with each release. Is Cuckoo another feather in his cap? Let’s analyze.Continue reading “‘Cuckoo’ Music Review: Nest in peace”