Neerja Movie Review: An Outstanding Biopic That Gives us the Lovely Shabana Azmi Back

If I would have to bet my life on an actor who could make anyone cry in a matter of two minutes, I will put all my money in Shabana Azmi’s kitty. The veteran actor, who plays Neerja Bhanot’s affable mother in the biopic Neerja, totally steals the show in the last 20 minutes of the film, gently slicing through every emotional chord in your heart, making you root and cry for her brave daughter as if she was one of your own. It is this incredible emotional pull in director Ram Madhvani’s Neerja that makes it an unmissable film in many ways.Continue reading “Neerja Movie Review: An Outstanding Biopic That Gives us the Lovely Shabana Azmi Back”

Neerja Movie Review: A Tearjerking Tribute!

The tale of Neerja Bhanot isn’t one that’s narrated too often, and Ram Madhvani sets out to change that. Madhvani’s repertoire of work includes some award-winning ad campaigns like the famous Happydent commercial that won the silver lion at Cannes, and the critically acclaimed, and sadly criminally under-viewed Let’s Talk, that introduced Boman Irani to Bollywood. Therefore, when it was announced that he was going to bring Neerja Bhanot’s story to life on celluloid, and cast Sonam Kapoor in that role, there was some trepidation, as Sonam’s not exactly been a favourite of the critics. So the question here is, was justice done to her legacy?Continue reading “Neerja Movie Review: A Tearjerking Tribute!”

Bobby Jasoos Movie Review: Too Less of a Detective

Bobby Jasoos PosterBilqis AKA Bobby is arguably the fiercest and most feisty heroine we have had in Hindi cinema in recent times. Yet, Bobby Jasoos, the filmy world she lives in, is so devoid of water tight logic that it never works as a whodunit that it is meant to be.

Bobby is the eldest daughter in a Muslim family living in Mughalpura, Hyderabad. Her father despises her Jasoosi antics while rest of the charcters loathe it yet use her services nonetheless. Bobby’s sleuth career it self is no great shakes with her only big client being Tassawur, a TV journalist with aspirations to rise above “mohalla” life of his who gets Bobby to ward off prospective brides his father looks for him. In comes Kiran Kumar, or Khan Sahab, a mysterious man with butt loads of cash looking for three people. Bobby sets out on finding them but discovers something is not exactly right about the deal. What is wrong with it and how Bobby sets the wrong right is the rest of the story.Continue reading “Bobby Jasoos Movie Review: Too Less of a Detective”