Take Off Movie Review: A Take Off That One Will Cherish

Sometimes when a film that you are watching disturbs you a lot, moving you in a way that you are probably not too prepared for, it’s tough to really single out any particular moment from it which truly shook you. While Mahesh Narayanan’s Take Off is a film that works on almost all counts, however I definitely do wish to point out something that in particular is an arresting moment from the film. During the interval block we see Ibru/Ibrahim, the son of Sameera (Parvathy Thiruvoth) and Faizal (Asif Ali) in great distress. Well the 8 year old boy was unaware that his parents have been divorced for a while and that Sameera is now married to Shaheed (Kunchacko Boban), not just that she’s also now pregnant as well. On somehow sensing all this and not being comfortable with the realization, Ibru runs away from the hospital premises that they are in, only to be followed in close pursuit by Sameera and Shaheed. He doesn’t however end up running far though, as the film pauses for the interval break, we see violence erupt in the background, even as a deeply disturbed Ibru clings on to Sameera.  Forget everything else, this moment alone is worth the ticket price of the film; it only reminds you that editor Mahesh Narayanan has made a fantastic debut as filmmaker now.Continue reading “Take Off Movie Review: A Take Off That One Will Cherish”

Vishwaroop Movie Review: More like Vishwapoop

Yes I’m back and I am here to share with you my story, for yet again I embarked upon my journey of life. To make my senses feel something they haven’t so far, to improve my tastes and go after fine art, to drop the beer and drink wine, to drop the graphic novels (despite most of them having some terrific art work) and read classics and yes, the easiest one…to watch a movie which is embroiled in controversy. I went to see Vishwapoop (I’ll get to the name later on)Continue reading “Vishwaroop Movie Review: More like Vishwapoop”

First Look-Vishwaroopam & Thupakki

Today being a National Holiday ( May 1st ) Tamil Cinema has chosen to showcase something or the other related to 3 upcoming films. While Ajith‘s Billa-2 is slated to have its audio launch later in the day the 1st look of Kamal Haasan‘s Vishwaroopam ( Vishwaroop in Hindi ) and Vijay‘s Thupakki have also been released on this landmark day.Continue reading “First Look-Vishwaroopam & Thupakki”