10 Path-Breaking Marathi Films of this Decade (So Far)!

We all must be aware that in terms of filmmaking, ‘Path-Breaking’ is an adjective used for films which in a way opens up a different genre/style/theme or redefines a previously known genre/style/theme. In case of Marathi cinema, ‘Path-Breaking’ could be a title used to honor films that broke the mould of conventional ‘Marathi’ genres/styles/themes & while doing so also succeeded in overall aspects, expected from a good film. Comedy & family drama have always been the most conventional genre in Marathi, not to forget ‘melodrama’! There are people who have recently recognized Marathi cinema & have also coined the term ‘The Marathi New Wave’ which includes any random popular Marathi film (like Natsamrat or Katyar..) of recent times. Is the ‘Wave’ really there? Even if it’s there, is it even averagely substantial? Well, let’s examine it!

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Sumitra Bhave-Sunil Sukhtankar: Finest Marathi Filmmakers Around!

Praising Marathi cinema is a kind of in thing, these days. You would find quite a few movie buffs on Twitter or elsewhere, catching up on the few absolute gems from Marathi cinema in recent times like Fandry or Killa and then going gaga over it. Directors like Umesh Kulkarni or Nagraj Manjule are celebrated not only in their home state but by cinema aficionados from all over the country, and rightly so! But there is one name that is hardly discussed, especially among the English media of all kinds, and that is of the director duo of Sumitra Bhave-Sunil Sukhtankar. I would stick my neck out and say that their body of work over the last two decades is as good as any other contemporary filmmaker in India. But, sadly, their cinema remains mostly unseen and thus underappreciated.Continue reading “Sumitra Bhave-Sunil Sukhtankar: Finest Marathi Filmmakers Around!”

Samhita (The Script) and recent trends in Marathi Cinema

Milind Soman and Devika Daftardar in SamhitaThe marathi cinema fiend in me was rather disappointed with the films churned out in the year that was. The rare gems that can be liked without any reservations are what first attracted me to marathi cinema. The average quality of films being made in the marathi film industry is as low as any other in India. So I look forward more to the ‘gems’, the ones which you discover underneath the thick foliage of all the mediocre films and then flaunt it proudly to the entire world. Sadly, this year’s collection will have only a solitary Samhita (The Script) by Sumitra Bhave and Sunil Sukhtankar.Continue reading “Samhita (The Script) and recent trends in Marathi Cinema”

5th Bengaluru International Film Festival: The Must Watch(Part2)!


The film festival has already started and so we have decided not to waste time and put up the Part 2 that recommends films from the remaining 4 days of the festival. Here we go then:

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