Lakshmi Manchu and Samantha Ruth Prabhu Empower Women with Telusa Telusa from Agninakshatram

After the whirlwind celebrations of her brother’s wedding with Mounika Bhuma, Lakshmi Manchu teams up with her long-standing comrade Samantha Prabhu to release a high-octane number, Telusa Telusa from her upcoming film Agninakshatram.

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Theri Movie Review: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, There’s No Wonder that Vijay in Form is a Real Star

Of late Vijay, one of the most popular actors in Tamil Cinema has been seen working with a lot of young directors, balancing their films with those of senior directors like Shankar and A.R.Murugadoss. Of course not all the films with the younger lot of directors has worked, case in point being his last film, Chimbu Deven‘s Puli which couldn’t meet the huge expectations that it was facing, turning out to be a cold turkey eventually. When Theri, Vijay’s film with director Atlee was announced it didn’t really come as a surprise as such. Atlee who started off as an AD with Shankar, turned director himself with Raja Rani (2013), a film which had worked quite well commercially. With Theri the scale was being upped considerably, being a Vijay film after all and that too an action film, quite different from his previous film. With the promos being well received it was but natural that there was going to be a lot of hype and curiosity over the film. Theri’s success was important for both Vijay as well as Atlee. For Vijay it mattered because the success of Theri could make people forgive him for Puli and for Atlee because it could prove that the success of Raja Rani was no flash in the pan.Continue reading “Theri Movie Review: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, There’s No Wonder that Vijay in Form is a Real Star”

10 Endrathukulla and the Curious Case of Being Vikram

Vikram is one of the most talented as well as hardworking actors not just in Tamil Cinema, but perhaps across Indian cinema these days. I don’t think I will be exaggerating when I say this. After all for someone who had started off as an actor way back in 1990 with En Kadhal Kanmani,before finally finding success with Sethu in 1999, he has come a long way indeed. It wasn’t that he got a bad start, in the first 3 years of his career itself he had 4 Tamil films as hero, which included films directed by well-known names like C.V.Sridhar, S.P.Muthuraman and P.C.Sreeram. His best bet among these definitely was P.C.Sreeram’s Meera (1992), a film whose music is popular even today but which somehow did not live up to its potential. Later Vikram went on to feature in many Malayalam and Telugu films, mostly as the 2nd lead, in an attempt to survive and keep himself running in the race.Continue reading “10 Endrathukulla and the Curious Case of Being Vikram”

Ten Reasons Why You Should Skip ‘Anjaan’

A National holiday or festival is the ideal occasion for a big ticket film release. A potential blockbuster with a leading star who can draw in the crowds and make it work, irrespective of how good or bad the film would be, is more than often deemed to be that perfect festival or national holiday release. Over the years, such star vehicles or films have become an indispensable part of the lives of the movie goers.Continue reading “Ten Reasons Why You Should Skip ‘Anjaan’”

Her(2013) Movie Review: A Warm Blanket Of Human Emotions

Language : English | Running Time : 126 Minutes | Director : Spike Jonze

There might very well be a day when  most of us stop feeling and all that will be left is intelligent systems reminding us that we once felt, evolving faster than us. Spike Jonze‘s “Her” is disguised as a romantic comedy and in reality it is a take on human relationships and a wake-up call of sorts. A movie bursting with ambition, it has a story that brings romantic comedy and sci-fi together in a world which is fast becoming more reliant on technology than ever before. Reaction of people to interpersonal relationships when non-conformal and a person’s need to have a relationship is at the forefront of Spike Jonze’s attention here.Continue reading “Her(2013) Movie Review: A Warm Blanket Of Human Emotions”

Spike Jonze’s HER (2013) Movie Review: Numbing Romanticism

Her 2013 Poster

What binds the human society together? The need to be with each other?  Lust, love, dependency he need to belong to someone. What if this need was removed, eliminated from our DNA? Are humans capable of an isolated existence; sans contact both emotional and physical? What drives us as individuals? Her asks these questions with an unflinching sense of warm romanticism.  As it explores the loneliness that defines modern city living in an increasingly technology driven world, Her also falls in love with the very solitude that it tries to dissect and understand.Continue reading “Spike Jonze’s HER (2013) Movie Review: Numbing Romanticism”

1 Nenokkadine Movie Review: Sukumar’s ambitious attempt which works only in parts

Mahesh-Babu-1-Nenokkadine-Movie-First-Look-Wallpaper-downloadFor the last two years, the Sankranthi festival has been very good for Mahesh Babu as his last two Sankranthi releases Businessman and Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimale Chettu did very well at the box office. Similarly Director Sukumar ‘s last film 100% Love starring Naga Chaitanya and Tamannaah did very well at the box office.  Due to this reason, Sukumar’s latest film 1 Nenokkadine starring Mahesh Babu has been eagerly anticipated and was expected to be the third straight successful Sankranthi film for Mahesh Babu.Continue reading “1 Nenokkadine Movie Review: Sukumar’s ambitious attempt which works only in parts”

NTR Jr.'s Ramayya Vastavayya Movie Review: Same Old Telugu Revenge Drama

The expectations with Ramayya Vastavayya were huge, considering the fact that it brings back together producer Dil Raju and NTR Junior after the success of Brindaavanam. Also director Harish Shankar is fresh from the success of Gabbar Singh just as NTR Junior has been with Baadshah.

Like all mandatory Telugu big star film and like most NTR junior film which seem to exploit and milk the brand of actor NTR, this movie  is similar as it has NTR junior mouthing his grandfather NTR’s dialogues ‘Emantivi Emantivi’. NTR Junior (Nandu) is a college student who has no interest in studies at all. He falls in love with Akarsha (Samantha) at first sight, like many Telugu film makers would like to believe falling in love is the same as stalking, here we have Nandu stalking Akarsha and physically molesting her till she also falls in love with her.Continue reading “NTR Jr.'s Ramayya Vastavayya Movie Review: Same Old Telugu Revenge Drama”

Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s Atharintiki Daaredi Movie Review

Attarintiki Daredi-Pawan KalyanAtharintiki Daaredi brings back one of the best combinations in Telugu Cinema, Power Star Pawan Kalyan and writer-director Trivikram Srinivas. It is always difficult to make a movie with a star who has such a huge and loyal fan following, the challenges for a director are immense especially how will he/she use the actor in the story and at the same time satisfy his fans and also regular film goers. In case of Pawan Kalyan, it becomes even more difficult whose popularity has reached almost mythical proportion now.Continue reading “Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s Atharintiki Daaredi Movie Review”