Tamasha Movie Review: A Mainstream Commercial Film with a Lot of Heart and Mind

There comes a time in life when you introspect, reflect about what you have been doing all these years. Is it the real you? Being enslaved in mundane stuff for eons, can a spark bring back that true self in a quest to recognize your identity. Significantly, have you even identified that deep within, youContinue reading “Tamasha Movie Review: A Mainstream Commercial Film with a Lot of Heart and Mind”

Love is all around me

It was a regular Saturday afternoon with vegetable shopping being the first one to be ticked off the checklist which brought me to my present avatar of ferrying the wife to the market and making do with taking rounds of the neighbourhood till a good parking spot is filled in. I tuned into a randomContinue reading “Love is all around me”

Love Is A Sour Emotion….

At the onset, let me clarify that though this post might draw reference to Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya (a film I absolutely adore) or Ekk Deewana Tha (I am yet to see it), it is neither a review of either of them nor a comparative analysis between the two. This post is purely about the sour emotionContinue reading “Love Is A Sour Emotion….”

SHAAN: The Big Daddy of Entertainment

“There is no failure. Only feedback” – Robert Allen. One of the most successful films ever made in India released in 1975 which has ample space being given in books, film history, cyberspace and every living soul in this part of the world in their lifetime has knowingly given it a view. SHOLAY remains theContinue reading “SHAAN: The Big Daddy of Entertainment”


Bollywood or the Indian Film Industry has never had a dearth of love stories. On the contrary, they find a way out to insert a love angle in almost every movie they make. And who can forget that the most popular Hindi songs are also from the tales of romances. To top everything, love storiesContinue reading “THE UNCONVENTIONAL ROMANCES”