Allied v/s Live by Night

Within a week I watched 2 movies of Hollywood stars- Brad Pitt [Allied] and Ben Affleck [Live by Night]. Interestingly both are ‘war’ movies. While ‘Allied‘ is s spy movie during World War 2 with a romance angle, LBN is about a war veteran turned gangster’s life.Continue reading “Allied v/s Live by Night”

Allied (2016) Movie Review: The Spy Who Loved Me?

Sometimes one may have the fortune of being together with the girl/boy of one’s dreams and yet be able to do nothing about it. Maybe work/call of duty could be the villain over here, or perhaps even fate or both. Imagine if you were to go through such a phase yourself and strangely find yourself feeling elated later when fate itself provides you an opportunity to express your love and it’s reciprocated as well. That would feel wonderful is it not? The moments that follow would certainly be nothing less than the sweetest of your dreams and time would assume to have just frozen, even as you and your beloved find yourselves lost in the throngs of love. With all this happening and with things looking too good to be true, what if some dark clouds were to float around the two of you, catching you both completely unaware. Even as you are still settling into this lovely new phase in your life if some doubts were to creep in for no fault of yours and yet casting some aspersions on the relationship, would it not be a major blow? How would one go on to deal with the same in this case?Continue reading “Allied (2016) Movie Review: The Spy Who Loved Me?”

The Walk (2015) Movie Review: The Triumph of One’s Passion

I have always had the highest regard for people who not only have a major passion in their lives but also go on to work on the same and convert it into reality. As it is a good majority of the people Worldwide do not really have a strong passion towards anything, and even among the very few who are really passionate about something it’s quite rare to see people actually trying to do something about it. At the same time it irks me at times to see some people who are truly blessed in having the right kind of atmosphere, support mechanism and everything else needed to just take that one step in making the plunge, the plunge to do something about their passion but who just don’t do it for various reasons. Philippe Petit is not someone like that though; he is someone who dared to dream, and dream beyond the ordinary. But that alone does not make him great, what makes him great is that he converted his dreams into reality.Continue reading “The Walk (2015) Movie Review: The Triumph of One’s Passion”

“The Walk is a love letter to the Twin Towers,” Robert Zemeckis

On a vast Montreal sound stage, director Robert Zemeckis is hard at work recreating a lost place and time. Here his leading man, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, stands on the ledge of a gigantic rooftop set built of steel and concrete, gazing out to a similar precipice over a football field away amidst a sea of green-screen. Yet his character, notably, doesn’t have the special powers found in your typical multiplex superhero. Instead, he’s equipped with a dream and the belief that anything is possible – as he sets off to walk a high-wire stretched between two of the tallest buildings on the face of the earth.Continue reading ““The Walk is a love letter to the Twin Towers,” Robert Zemeckis”

The Road To Oscars 2013 : The Predictions

This year, there isn’t one single movie like Titanic that’s going to bulldoze itself through all categories in which it has been nominated. Putting your neck on the line by predicting winners in major categories is risky, yet I’ll do it here. In fact I would encourage others to do the same by using the comments section at the bottom. Then maybe we’ll exchange notes on February 25th. Each category also includes a name who would get an Oscar if I was the lone jury member.Continue reading “The Road To Oscars 2013 : The Predictions”

Flight Movie Review : Buckle up for a bumpy ride!

 Cast: Denzel Washington, Kelly Reilly, Don Cheadle, Bruce Greenwood, Mellisa Leo, Nadine Velazquez, John Goodman

 Directed by Robert Zemeckis

 Distributed by Paramount Pictures 

Like most  fans of mainstream Hollywood, I too am happy to see a director like Robert Zemeckis return to live action. True, the man may have put in too much effort and time in pushing the mo-cap and 3D technology to the forefront. However now with every other film maker having, more or less, jumped onto the technology wave, it is only fitting that Robert Zemeckis returns back to the core basis. But even with his new feature film Flight (his first since 2000’s Cast Away), it seem the man is busy trying to tackle new frontiers by consciously stepping out of his comfort zone.

Continue reading “Flight Movie Review : Buckle up for a bumpy ride!”

FLIGHT(A Robert Zemeckis film) – Trailer

Robert Zemeckis(director of Forest Gump and Back to the Future series) returns to live action after a decade with FLIGHT and teams up with Denzel Washington for the first time. Cast Away and What lies beneath, both released in 2000 after which Zemeckis started his fascination with performance capture animation in films like The Polar Express, Beowulf and A Christmas Carol.

The plot is about an airline pilot who saves a flight from crashing and becomes an instant hero but an investigation into the malfunction reveals something troubling.

Also starring Don Cheadle, Kelly Reilly, John Goodman and Melissa Leo; FLIGHT is scheduled for a November release. Have a look at the trailer and drop in your comments.