Nominations For the Best of Bollywood 2013!

Like most other years, 2013 too has been an eventful year for the Hindi film industry. And unlike other years, 2013 was also the 100th year for the Hindi film industry. However, the centenary wasn’t really a landmark in terms of quality; we didn’t have a watershed of extraordinary films. Yes, we had a few brilliant pieces of cinema but we also had a truckload of terrible movies. What has been most encouraging in this entire melee is the gradual acceptance and support rendered to smaller films. While we had Kiran Rao helping a “Ship of Theseus” to get a release, we had a Karan Johar taking “The Lunchbox” out to the masses. In this post, I enumerate my (completely) personal list of favourite films of 2013 and their different aspects. These are my nominations for the best of Bollywood in the year 2013. While I have considered six nominees for every category (most of which are non-technical), I have added one more as “Almost There”, whom / what I feel is good but not enough to be on the list. Would love to get your vote from the nominees or any additional candidate you feel like.Continue reading “Nominations For the Best of Bollywood 2013!”

Gippi Movie Review: Gypped of an Opportunity

How often do we see a big studio Bollywood film with a female as the protagonist? Even less frequently if she is a school going kid. And hardly ever if she is not good-looking in the conventional sense. Given the odds stacked against Gippi, you root for the film hoping it will open the doors for more non-traditionally cast ventures in the future. But that’s until you actually see it. If the film fails, trade analysts are sure to pin the blame on the above mentioned factors. But the fact remains that Gippi is actually a rather bad film.Continue reading “Gippi Movie Review: Gypped of an Opportunity”

Movie Review : Gippi will make you happy this weekend!

Gippi, directed by debutante Sonam Nair, is a precious little film. A little film, that would not have fancied a first day houseful theater, had it not been for the moxie with which Karan Johar‘s Dharma Productions backed the film, even to the point of getting a studio (UTV Motion Pictures) on board. And voila! I entered the theater today to find it brimful with gregarious flocks of people. Surreal wonderment! People do come to watch movies without stars and directed by debut directors even in Dubai? Super props to Johar and his phalanx to orchestrate what atleast seems an initial success for Gippi. It is a progressive film that touches upon a melange of mature topics but does not quite deliver to its potential.Continue reading “Movie Review : Gippi will make you happy this weekend!”

Gippi: Official Theatrical Trailer

For those of you who were curious about who or what Gippi was, thanks to the rather intriguing social media campaign run by Dharma Productions on Twitter and YouTube, your questions are finally answered with the first look of Gippi. Continue reading “Gippi: Official Theatrical Trailer”