Irudhi Suttru vs Saala Khadoos: 2 Different Movies or One Movie in 2 Languages?

Bilingual films are in vogue these days, be it films in Tamil and Malayalam like a Neram or Vaayai Moodi Pesavum (Tamil)/Samsaaram Aarogyathinu Haanikaram (Malayalam) or Tamil and Telugu like Nimirndhu Nil (Tamil)/Janda Pai Kapiraju (Telugu) or Inji Iduppazhagi (Tamil)/Size Zero (Telugu). But when news of Sudha Kongara Prasad’s bilingual film in Tamil and Hindi (Irudhi Suttru/Saala Khadoos) was announced it certainly grabbed attention for various reasons. For one it was a boxing based film, that too featuring a female boxer, certainly reminding one of Mary Kom. But this time around what made it even more interesting was the presence of R.Madhavan in the lead, playing the boxing coach. When the film’s teaser was unveiled Madhavan had been without for a release for nearly 3 years and was still awaiting the release of Tanu Weds Manu Returns. However Raju Hirani seemed to have seen something special in the film and had come on board as the co-producer for the Hindi version. This was also Madhavan’s second Tamil-Hindi bilingual film, after Yavarum Nalam/13 B in 2009. Thanks to the success of Tanu Weds Manu Returns and with the trailer and the songs generating a good buzz, it was but natural for people to look forward to Irudhi Suttru and Saala Khadoos.Continue reading “Irudhi Suttru vs Saala Khadoos: 2 Different Movies or One Movie in 2 Languages?”

Irudhi Suttru Tamil Movie Review: No Knock Out This

“Do not meddle with the way I coach”, says Prabhu (R Madhavan) to the assistant coach. “If I had listened to you, she would be cleaning toilets like you do”, he says pointing out to the aspiring woman boxer Madhi (Ritika Singh). “I may be the one cleaning toilets, Sir” replies the assistant coach, played by the excellent Nasser. “But you are the one who stinks”, he retorts with arguably the best line written for Tamil cinema this year. (And the year has just begun!). It is, therefore, so very disappointing that Sudha Kongara(Story/Screenplay/Direction) and Arun Matheshwaran (dialogues) choose to punch below their weight and could get this brilliance  only occasionally transmitted on the screen. (But Sudha delivers as a filmmaker – more about that later).Continue reading “Irudhi Suttru Tamil Movie Review: No Knock Out This”