Housefull 3 Movie Review : Jaundice Better Or Typhoid?

Housefull-31-2016-Official-HD-PosterWhat do you really expect when you walk in to a theater to watch a film like Housefull 3? If you have been aware of the previous two films of the franchise, then obviously, you will expect the silly and the dumb to play out in equal proportions, right? If you have not, then it might be nightmarish. But then Housefull is a genre film, created by Sajid Khan, who helmed the reins of previous two films as well. However, in this one, producer Sajid Nadiadwala has handed over the command to Sajid – Farhad, who have written many films for Rohit Shetty and directed the 2014 disaster, Entertainment. No big hopes, there! In my honest opinion, Housefull was a decent watch but Housefull 2 got excruciating. That apart, when the franchise is sort of successful and into its third film, one cannot continue complaining about the genre of it all. Yes, Housefull films rest on wafer-thin plots, lot of exaggerations, silly jokes, under-written female characters, cheap potshots on sensitive issues and a hell lot of caricature. But can they entertain? Because if they can, without crossing the line of humor of course, then the purpose is fulfilled. Intelligence may be insulted but the ticket price cannot be considered to have been completely wasted, no matter what you choose to believe.Continue reading “Housefull 3 Movie Review : Jaundice Better Or Typhoid?”

Bangistan Movie Review: Only if There Were More Laughs

A film critic turning into a film director is a mouthwatering prospect. Karan Anshuman does the courageous act with Bangistan and you expect the nitty gritties of the film to be tightened. After all, those who throw stones at others should know how to save themselves if those stones are tossed back at them!Continue reading “Bangistan Movie Review: Only if There Were More Laughs”

Lai Bhaari Movie Review: Old Wine in an Attractive Tetrapack

The year 2013 saw Duniyadari smash all Marathi box office records, only to see history repeat itself in less than 6 months with Timepass going a step further in the beginning of 2014. We always hear about filmmakers either interested more in the aesthetics and artistic nature of their films or filmmakers who are more interested in how successful their films turn out to be. And there’s that select breed of filmmakers who manage to straddle both Worlds comfortably. But what would you say about a film that is created not as just a creative vehicle, but more like a product with multiple stakeholders backing the same? Imagine a deliberate attempt to create a successful product life cycle, with the product being a film in this case. Well whether you are with me so far or not, I am sure the rest of the post will surely put things into perspective.Continue reading “Lai Bhaari Movie Review: Old Wine in an Attractive Tetrapack”

Ek Villain Movie Review: Bad Story About Bad People

Ek Villain PosterNow I haven’t “Seen the Devil” so it is not possible for me to compare Ek Villain with the original it rips off blatantly. From what I have read online, the original is a brilliantly made thriller that is gory but still riveting. With Ek Villain, we have a watered down (read Indianised) version sans the gore and overt sexuality. Should work, like some rip offs have in the past one would say.

Unfortunately as a stand-alone story being told to first timers in the audiences (which there are many since the Korean original is not known beyond the connoisseurs of world cinema, or pyscho gore, or both; you get the point) Mohit Suri’s love story of a Villain is a train wreck of a script that is marginally redeemed by passable performances and a memorable musical score.Continue reading “Ek Villain Movie Review: Bad Story About Bad People”

Humshakals Movie Review : The Joke’s on You, Sajid!

Humshakals PosterAll through the weekend, I have read atleast 4-5 reviews of Sajid Khan’s latest big budget summer film, Humshakals. Even the most sellout critics, or rather trade analysts, have ruthlessly panned it, painting it as a blustery, agonizingly mawkish film. Some may think that why do these people bother to go and watch his films when they are already expecting a steady quality decline. One answer to that is that reviewing Humshakals is like reviewing any other weekend release, a job for most critics. The other answer is that we voraciously look forward to Sajid’s film to pull out our knives and go scything at him, producing a hilarious piece for people to read and share on social networks. I have only one question to everyone – What did you go in expecting in a Sajid Khan film? You already knew Humshakals will serve the most puerile form of physical comedy, most of which may also not be as funny. Then why the mercurial tempers at having received exactly that. Here is where I tend to think that critics look forward to such opportunities, which is a little uncalled for. Continue reading “Humshakals Movie Review : The Joke’s on You, Sajid!”

Yellow Movie Review : An Ardent Film on An Inspirational True Story

Yellow, directed by Mahesh Limaye, came out last week. After watching the film, I had an epiphany about two things. One, that Marathi cinema is on a roll with a peachy streak of films (read Fandry). And two, in India we make a flummoxing number of films with disabled characters. With the increasing number of such films, filmmakers are trying to approach them with calculated nuances and fresh fervor. Yellow is one such example, which cuts the tirades and manipulations, just tells a story instead, taking good care of the mainstream space it wants to dive in. Produced by Riteish Deshmukh and Uttung Thakur, Yellow gets the required unswerving support for it to look good and reach out to a large audience. Deshmukh, whose recent slate of stillborn films is doing a fairly good job as a Marathi producer, following up with this one after Balak Palak.

Continue reading “Yellow Movie Review : An Ardent Film on An Inspirational True Story”

Trailer of Marathi Film: Yellow

Yellow Marathi MovieFrom the producers of Balak Palak, Riteish Deshmukh and Uttung Hitendra Thakur comes their next Marathi film, Yellow. Supposedly based on a real story, Yellow is directed by Mahesh Limaye and features Mrinal Kulkarni, Upendra Limaye, Rishikesh Joshi, Manoj Joshi etc. The film is written by Amber Hadap, Ganesh Pandit & Mahesh Limaye while Mahesh Limaye is also the DOP as well.Continue reading “Trailer of Marathi Film: Yellow”

Balak Palak Movie Review: Shala meets Malena…well, almost..

Balak Palak BP Marathi Movie

  “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” – Mark Twain

Ravi Jadhav’s Balak Palak focuses on the second most important day of a person’s life (as Mark Twain mentions): The day when adolescents come to know why they were born. Yes, this Marathi movie deals with matters of sex, to be precise, with Sex Education. How many of you have heard your parents even utter the word ‘sex’? Needless to say, to discuss this tabooed subject is nearly non-existent amongst Indian households. Thus, our adolescents grow up confused and end up learning the wrong things from the wrong sources. Continue reading “Balak Palak Movie Review: Shala meets Malena…well, almost..”

Trailer of Marathi Film-Balak Palak

Ravi Jadhav the director of acclaimed Marathi films like Natarang and Balgandharva is now back with his next film, Balak Palak ( BP from hereon ). BP is based on the Marathi play by the same name. The film stars Subodh Bhave, Sai Tamhankar, Kishore Kadam, Madan Deodhar, Shaswati Pimplekar etc. Continue reading “Trailer of Marathi Film-Balak Palak”