10 Path-Breaking Marathi Films of this Decade (So Far)!

We all must be aware that in terms of filmmaking, ‘Path-Breaking’ is an adjective used for films which in a way opens up a different genre/style/theme or redefines a previously known genre/style/theme. In case of Marathi cinema, ‘Path-Breaking’ could be a title used to honor films that broke the mould of conventional ‘Marathi’ genres/styles/themes & while doing so also succeeded in overall aspects, expected from a good film. Comedy & family drama have always been the most conventional genre in Marathi, not to forget ‘melodrama’! There are people who have recently recognized Marathi cinema & have also coined the term ‘The Marathi New Wave’ which includes any random popular Marathi film (like Natsamrat or Katyar..) of recent times. Is the ‘Wave’ really there? Even if it’s there, is it even averagely substantial? Well, let’s examine it!

Note: ‘This Decade (So Far)’ stands for 2010-2016.Continue reading “10 Path-Breaking Marathi Films of this Decade (So Far)!”

Rege Marathi Movie Trailer

Official Synopsis:

The Greed for Power, Position and Fame can ruin anybody. ‘Rege’, is about how vulnerable today’s youngsters are, how they get attracted to the glamor of underworld and eventually get trapped in it. High-profile cops trying to reach the top by eliminating the anti social elements, in turn, working against their own colleagues and system.

Starring: Aaroh Velankar, Mahesh Manjrekar, Pushkar Shrotri, Santosh Juvekar.

Story, Screenplay & Direction: Abhijit Panse

Dialogues: Pravin Tarde & Abhijit Panse

Music: Avdhoot Gupte

DOP: Mahesh Limaye

Art Direction: Santosh Phutane

Editor: Dinesh Poojari

Associate Directors: Ravindra Karmarkar, Shivkumar Parthasarathy

Make-up: Vikram Gaikwad, Santosh Gayke

Executive Producer: Ratnakant Jagtap

Produced By: The Art Beat Productions

Choreographer: Umesh Jadhav