Bharat Ane Nenu Movie Review: Our Dear Leader

What defines a leader? Is it ascertained by how he takes care of his people? Is it based on how he conducts itself? Can it be established by how he makes a decision?Continue reading “Bharat Ane Nenu Movie Review: Our Dear Leader”

Brahmotsavam Movie Review: The Family Saga that Fails to Excite, Entice or Amuse in Any Manner

A leading man who at 40 can easily pass off as someone in his late 20’s naturally and who is a superstar by all means, with his previous film (Srimanthudu) being a blockbuster, that’s Mahesh Babu for you. A director who has only made 3 films prior to this, but all of them being different from each other, coming across comfortable working with newcomers as well as big stars, that’s director Srikanth Addala alright. A production house which is known to back its directors all the way, investing in the fashion that is needed for a film and whose last 2 Telugu ventures (Kshanam and Oopiri ) have come across as among the better Telugu films of late, that’s PVP Cinema‘s identity in case you aren’t aware. With Mahesh Babu, Srikanth Addala and PVP Cinema coming together to make Brahmotsavam, the film was indeed expected to be a grand celebration, worthy enough of the film’s title. Continue reading “Brahmotsavam Movie Review: The Family Saga that Fails to Excite, Entice or Amuse in Any Manner”

Sardaar Gabbar Singh Movie Review: All Sound and Fury, But Hey What about the Story?

The Salman Khan starrer Dabangg (2010) was not only a trendsetter of sorts in Hindi films; it even inspired similar versions in a few other languages, most notable of them being Gabbar Singh (2012) in Telugu. Despite basically using the same plot outline of Dabangg, director Harish Shankar made an effort to make a few simple changes, basically adapting it in a way that made sure that the personality of superstar Pawan Kalyan was well highlighted, making the film a delight to watch for fans and even the general audience. It was but natural that there would be an extension of the brand Gabbar Singh, after all who wouldn’t want to put his/her money on a winning horse.But with Dabangg 2 not meeting with the same reception as Dabangg the prospect of once again going for an adaptation was ruled out. After the mega success of Attarintiki Daaredi the project was announced, but there were frequent changes, the director, DOP and even the title ended up finally changing. What remained constant eventually was the presence of Pawan Kalyan and producer Sharrath Marar.Continue reading “Sardaar Gabbar Singh Movie Review: All Sound and Fury, But Hey What about the Story?”

Bengal Tiger Movie Review: Roaring Start, Tiring Finish

Ravi Teja is probably one of the most entertaining actors in Indian Cinema and I can say this with a fair degree of conviction. What’s remarkable about him is the progress he has undertaken over the last 25 years or so that he has been in the Telugu film industry. Starting off as a character artiste, playing small characters in numerous films, while also being an assistant director it took him nearly a decade to graduate to and get accepted as the leading man. For someone who came into the industry without any Godfather his ascent to stardom has indeed been commendable, especially considering that unlike him nearly all the top actors in Telugu Cinema hail from a film family. Over the years Ravi Teja has strongly built up a fanbase, people who like him for his casual yet powerful dialogue delivery style, his terrific comic timing and overall for being a true entertainer. No wonder that he went on to earn the title “Mass Maharaja” with which he is being referred to of late. But in all his over enthusiasm to keep the audience entertained he has been doing a spate of formula films, with his track record at the box office going for a toss very often.Continue reading “Bengal Tiger Movie Review: Roaring Start, Tiring Finish”

Bruce Lee-The Fighter Movie Review: Where a Cameo Shines More than the Rest of the Film

Bruce Lee is definitely one among the few idols whom I have always looked up to. As a kid I grew up enjoying his action exploits on the big screen. Though he was gone well before I was even born, his films were extremely popular and continued getting released and re-released  even in the late 1970’s and 80’s. In fact if my memory serves me right, some of his films actually managed to get their first India release only in the 80’s. I would enjoy standing in front of the mirror and practicing his ‘moves’ and my parents would look on amused 🙂 . As I grew older and started reading and learning more about his life, I was all the more enthralled by the kind of person that he was. Imagine someone from Hong Kong who could manage to go on to the U.S, become popular all over the World as a martial arts exponent and an acclaimed actor on T.V and films,a star internationally and sadly departing from the World by the time he was 32. If this doesn’t qualify to call him a phenomenon, then what does?Continue reading “Bruce Lee-The Fighter Movie Review: Where a Cameo Shines More than the Rest of the Film”

Easan Movie Review: There’s light at the end of this tunnel !!!

M.Sasikumar and Samudrakani had teamed up in 2008 to deliver one of the most successful and critically acclaimed Tamil movie in recent times- Subramaniapuram. While Sasikumar wrote, directed and produced Subramaniapuram and with Samudrakani playing the negative lead in the same, the roles were reversed in Nadodigal which released in 2009. This time around the film was written and directed by Samudrakani and Sasikumar played the main lead. In between Sasikumar also went on to produce Pasanga which was directed by Pandiraj and is certainly one of the better children’s films made in India recently. So after Nadodigal the next project from this team was eagerly awaited and when news came out that this time it will be a film to be directed again by Sasikumar, it was met with a positive response. What was also surprising was that it was announced that this time around Sasikumar would be only working behind the camera (writing, producing & directing) and not in front of it. Nothing much was disclosed about the film titled ‘Easan’, except that the film was to be urban centric unlike the other films from the team and that Samudrakani would play an important character.

Though I tried hard to know more about the film there wasn’t much information available and after a while I just told myself that the wait will be better if I remained in the dark about the film’s plot etc. Roughly 2 weeks before the film’s release the first look and the trailer was unveiled. In fact I was not sure of the release date and when the cinematographer of the film, S.R.Kathiir told me that it would be 2 weeks later ( 17th Dec,2010 ) I was taken aback for a while. For these days it’s usually a minimum period of a month that is taken for promoting the film before the release. But when I realized that the film was getting very good theatres with such short notice, I couldn’t help but admire the strategy of the team. Also the past record of the people associated with the film certainly helped. WithKamal Haasan’s Manmadhan Ambu being pushed ahead by a week (initially to release on the same day as Easan), things became even more favorable for the film with a lot of additional screens being made available.

So what is Easan all about? Well at the very outset I’d say that in terms of the basic construct or the genre it’s actually a revenge drama, but not of the type that’s usually seen on screen. The film starts with establishing a range of characters- Chezhiyan (Vaibhav) is a carefree youth and son of a corrupt minister Deivanayagam (producer A.L.Alagappan). Chezhiyan hangs around with his group of friends and keeps crossing swords with Sangayya (Samudrakani), Assistant Commissioner of Police. We then see Chezhiyan falling in love with Reshma ( Aparna Bajpai ), the daughter of Shivaraj a business magnate (modeled on Vijay Mallya). In true cinema style Shivaraj doesn’t initially approve of the alliance because he considers himself to be on a higher pedestal than Deivanayagam. But situations change and reluctantly Shivaraj too approves of the alliance between Chezhiyan and Reshma. So alls well and its party time and just when we are wondering where the story is gonna be heading, Chezhiyan goes missing. And there comes the intermission point.

Is it all hunky dory as it appears here?

While one would expect the rest of the film to ideally be a sort of thriller and try to uncover the mystery behind the disappearance of Chezhiyan, the 2nd half of the film is all that and a lot more. While the 1st half of the film is a complete ride into the nightlife of Chennai what with discotheques, pubs, bars, rave parties and beachside revelry of a different kind, the 2nd half completely treads into a different territory. It’s an area slightly more familiar for Sasikumar and team, not that they get the nightlife part wrong. The film works primarily due to the casting and characterization. Samudrakani as Sangayya, the ACP and A.L.Alagappan as Deivanayagam, the corrupt minister lead the show and rightly set the tone for the film.Namo Narayanan as Gopal the man friday of Deivanayagam is also extremely good.

Malayalam filmmaker Blessy plays an important character and the voice of M.S.Bhaskar goes down very well for the character of Karupaswamy. Dushi as Easan and Abhinaya as Poorani are extremely effective. Their characters actually hold the 2nd half in good control and sustain the interest level. Vaibhav as Chezhiyan is good and the role is a marked departure from what he has portrayed in films like Saroja and Goa. But there are also one too many characters and though some of them are well etched and enacted including that of Rao Ramesh, they do not really add to the overall tenor of the film. There are a lot of interesting moments in the film like the scene where Deivanayagam is discussing the industrial proposal with the businessman, but continues to undress/change his clothes or the scene where Sangayya is at Shyamala’s home and interacts with her husband. These are just examples and there are many more such moments in the film. James Vasanthan’s music may not be as popular as that of Subramaniapuram but certainly scores in terms of variety. Be it the peppy Meyyana Inbam or the folksy Jilla Vittu or the breezy Kannil Anbai, the songs go with the flow of the film.

Along with Sasikumar’s writing and narration the other highlight of the film is S.R.Kathiir’s cinematography. Be it in the nightlife of Chennai captured in the various party zones or in the temple festival portions, the visuals are simply interesting. To talk about specific moments or scenes would spoil the fun for those who are yet to watch the film.A.L.Ramesh’s editing helps especially in the later part of the film and Tapas Nayak’s audiography shines especially be it in the energetic party number at the start of the film (Meyyana Inbam ) or the climax. For those who may complain about the length of the film, it’s already been taken care of. With the original length of around 3 hr 10 mins being shown only in the 1st two days, around 20-25 mins have gone on to be chopped from the film. While I have seen both versions and prefer the longer version, at least what is welcome is the fact that the forced editing does not impact too much on the flow of the film’s narrative.

There are moments when you might feel that Sasikumar is trying hard to be different this time around and show that he’s adept at portraying the more urbane and hip side of the society as well when compared to his previous film. But you cannot also but appreciate the fact that the detailing has been fairly good. For those who would compare this film with Subramaniapuram or Nadodigal there could be disappointment in store. But if you are looking at the film with an open mindset and willing to wait till the end of the film before passing your final judgment, it could well be a interesting film indeed. Three cheers to Sasikumar and team for their pursuit to continue to make films of their kind, yet which appeal to people.

Note- This was originally written after the release of the film ( Dec 2010 ) but now re-edited and published again considering Sasikumar being again in the news with his latest film Sundarapandian 

Gabbar Singh-A Fan Boy Tribute to Power Star

Gabbar Singh has been in the news since the day it was announced with fan boy posters coming out even before shooting started. If you are following director Harish Shankar on twitter, you would know that he is a fan boy of Pawan Kalyan. My apprehension with the movie was on account of Pawan Kalyan’s track record of late. When recently Pawan did the remake of Love Aaj Kal as Teenmaar it did not work for me, they had butchered the script to suit Pawan. And his last release Panjaa was not exactly a typical Pawan Kalyan film. The makers were trying to do something different and yet tried to keep Pawan’s fan following in mind as seen in case of Pawan shaking his legs at the end of the movie and the end result was there for all to see. The other reason for my worry was whether Harish deliver when he himself is fan of his lead actor, will he deliver the film which will be enjoyable fare both to fans and non-fans and I must say ,Continue reading “Gabbar Singh-A Fan Boy Tribute to Power Star”