THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE Review: Not So Serious!

In the perfect world – everything ought to be awesome. And with THE LEGO MOVIE, it did manage to capture that idea and make it come alive on the big screen. It was a perfect template to pick and choose characters from various intellectual properties and have fun with the toys and make a story around it as you go along. It struck a chord with the inner child in us and went on to stand out as one of the best movies of that year.Continue reading “THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE Review: Not So Serious!”

Trailer Of The Lego Batman Movie

lego-batman-movie-release-dateEven as Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice opened to harsh reviews, Warner Bros released the trailer of The Lego Batman Movie. The animated film which is a spinoff of the hugely enjoyable The Lego Movie (2014) sees Will Arnett lend his voice for Batman. Besides Arnett, the film features the voice talents of Rosario Dawson, Zach Galfianakis and Ralph Fiennes among others. Incidentally Arnett had voiced Batman’s character in The Lego Movie too.

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Trailer Of Coen Brothers’s ‘Hail,Caesar!’

Hail-Caesar 2It’s been a while since the Coen Brothers last film Inside Llewyn Davis was released. In this interim, they penned the script for Spielberg’s Bridge Of Spies and George Clooney’s forthcoming directorial venture Suburbicon.Continue reading “Trailer Of Coen Brothers’s ‘Hail,Caesar!’”

Spectre (2015) Movie Review: Stirred. A tad too much

In one of her only scenes of consequence in Sam Medes’ Spectre, Monica Bellucci takes a slow walk towards a pool in her home straight from her husband’s funeral. The oomph sizzle and arresting presence she conjures up in this one scene is the only strong redeeming part of an otherwise lacklustre and dead-slow Bond film. For the first time, Bond does nothing more than throw money, action and car chases all over the place.Continue reading “Spectre (2015) Movie Review: Stirred. A tad too much”

Best English Films Of 2014

As the year comes to an end, movie buffs every year are tempted to come out with their different best movie lists and we are no different. Every year we publish a couple of such posts written by individual authors which talk about some of the best films from India and globally, leading to several intense and passionate debates, discussions and arguments among fellow movie buffs.

But this year we decided to do something different. We asked some of our authors to individually list down English films they enjoyed watching this year.

While Boyhood and Gone Girl seem to be the universal favourites with Nightcrawler coming a close second, there are quite a few interesting recommendations by our authors that deserve to be seen by all and warrant a debate.

So which are the English films our authors enjoyed watching this year the most? Scroll down to know more.Continue reading “Best English Films Of 2014”

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) Movie Review: A Gorgeous Sad Wedding-Cake of a Movie

RATING: 9.5/10.

Although Wes Anderson cemented his place in passionate film-school discussions for years to come as soon as he released RUSHMORE in 1998, audiences have not always been as enthusiastic. It is understandable. Anderson, with all his strange unique visual quirks and simulated glass-ball worlds, is an acquired taste, at best, and impenetrably bizarre and distant, at worst. And yet, his films satisfy the fundamental requirement for movie-goers’ pleasure: escapism. Not even a schizophrenic would dare think any of Anderson’s movies were set even remotely close to the “real world” – his movies are not just flawlessly composed art, they are a vacation in Wes Anderson’s mind and memory, where I like to imagine that I can see a young socially uncomfortable Anderson spending hours in his room meticulously dreaming up this alternate universe with its distinctly cinematic point-of-view, its laconically disconnected characters and everything “just so” to the point of OCD. Since every event is filtered through Anderson’s picky subconscious, nothing too bad or sad ever happens in his movies. And that suits most of us just fine.Continue reading “The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) Movie Review: A Gorgeous Sad Wedding-Cake of a Movie”

Skyfall Movie Review: Backstory of Bond

Spolier Warning – This post could be full of spoilers. Hence if you do not wish to know anything in the film, then do not read further!

Leave aside the cosmetic changes he has made. The traditional “Gun Barrel” opening is done away with (but smartly the entry of Bond is similar to that of Gun Barrel and the traditional Gun Barrell becomes the last shot!), Bond drinks beer in a sequence (smart placing again), no in- your-face product placements, a Q that will take you by surprise(think smart – if you need someone to invent gadgets for you, he can’t be old, in a time where technology changes so fast!), no fancy gadgets etc. Continue reading “Skyfall Movie Review: Backstory of Bond”


This is a moment for all James Bond fans to rejoice as he’s back with Skyfall.Daniel Craig reprises his act as the world’s coolest spy and this time the film is directed by Sam Mendes in a marked departure of sorts as he’s usually more known for making dramatic films like American Beauty, Road to Perdition, Revolutionary Road etc. Skyfall also stars Javier Bardem ( as the antagonist Raoul Silva ), Judi Dench ( who returns as M ), Ralph Fiennes, Naomie Harris etc.  The film is expected to release in November 2012. And for now do check out the power packed teaser of the film-

And here’s the new trailer of the film as well-

12 films to look for in 2012

It’s always a tradition for a movie maniac as he/she looks forward to the year with some anticipation even though one gets heartbreak, anger, amusement and excitement while watching films. Not giving any general consensus or making a statement on behalf of everyone, but there are some movies that have my date and time fixed and so would like that to be shared amongst my fellow cinemalcholics. The list only includes Hollywood releases and has excluded World Cinema, Hindi & Regional films for a better outlook. Hope these movies live up to their hype and we have a satisfying time at the movies.Continue reading “12 films to look for in 2012”