Coolie No 1 (2020- Amazon Original): The Curse of Nepotism in Bollywood

A good part of the 90s was a golden time for David Dhawan and Govinda most of which were remakes of Tamil and Telugu films. For example Coolie No 1 is a remake of the Tamizh film Chinna Mapillai. 

David Dhawan is now on a quest to position his son as the next Superstar of Bollywood remaking his own remakes, but then this time it flatters to deceive. Coolie No 1 (1995) itself is a problematic film if you look at it. There is a person who catfishes a female to marry her and the film does not show any remorse on his part and justifies it by saying that as her father wanted her to have a secure life, the daughter deserves to be cheated. Continue reading “Coolie No 1 (2020- Amazon Original): The Curse of Nepotism in Bollywood”

Kick 2 Movie Review: This ‘Kick’ Provides No ‘Comfort’

One of the hallmarks of a mass masala movie is having a hero who is brave, quick witted and totally endearing to the audience. So in 2009 when director Surender Reddy and Ravi Teja joined hands together for Kick, what emerged as a result was a complete entertainer, taking full advantage of Ravi Teja’s versatility. Kick went on to be remade in various languages, the most popular of them being the Hindi version of the same name, which released last year. Hence it was quite an event to look forward to, when the announcement of the sequel, Kick 2 was done last year. While Surender Reddy, writer Vakkantham Vamsi and actor Ravi Teja were signed on for the sequel as well, actor Nandamuri Kalyan Ram stepped in as producer, in place of R.R.Venkat who made the original. Through his banner N.T.R.Arts, Kalyan Ram has been producing films for the last several years, but this is the first time that he has produced a film which doesn’t feature him in the lead.Continue reading “Kick 2 Movie Review: This ‘Kick’ Provides No ‘Comfort’”

Rangrezz Movie Review: Banality and Unintentional Hilarity of the Highest Order!

People in India make films for different reasons. Many make them purely for the monetary gains. Many also do it for the fame and glamour that is associated with the silver screen. Few find the medium to be a effective tool to make a statement and even fewer use it purely as a form of expression.Continue reading “Rangrezz Movie Review: Banality and Unintentional Hilarity of the Highest Order!”

The farce called Bollywood Awards

“These awards are a joke….. its a place where the industry likes to get-together and pat each other’s back……” – Naseeruddin Shah, CNN IBN

Its raining awards in Bollywood.The biggest blockbusters are making their ways into the nominations for the best film, director, actors, supporting actors. the list is endless. The question which arises over here is are these films indeed the best works of the previous year or are we overlooking better films simply because they could not make it big at the box office ?Continue reading “The farce called Bollywood Awards”