U Turn: A Quick Review

U Turn Poster 3Suspense movies need a very acute sense of film-making acumen. Not only does it need a good story and direction, but also a sustained effort in keeping the audience engaged continuously, changing the plot and ‘whodunnit’ angle and finally revealing the plot at the right time.

Pawan Kumar managed this almost to near perfection in his debut film ‘Lucia’ that also made for a strong case study in crowd-funding and crowd-distributing a movie. Sadly, his next Kannada language films falls short of expectations in many counts. Though, to his credit he starts of very well and navigates the twists and turns effectively in the first half.

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U Turn Movie Review: Mystery Junction

Over the past 3-4 years, it seems that a small section of the Kannada Film Industry, inhabited by indie filmmakers is making a serious attempt to shake off the cobwebs that have been gathering for nearly 2 decades. While the audience is assailed with cinematic atrocities in the name of masala in the form of regurgitated formulaic potboilers, and remakes of hits from other Southern industries, we do occasionally come across rare gems, some polished, some not fully, and it reminds us that there may still be hope for Sandalwood if more movies like last year’s smash hit, Rangitaranga, Ulidavaru Kandante, Simple Aagi Ondh Love Story, and this director’s very own Lucia are made more often. But the real question here is, does Pawan Kumar’s sophomore effort live up to expectations?Continue reading “U Turn Movie Review: Mystery Junction”

Trailer Of Pawan Kumar’s Kannada Movie – ‘U Turn’

U turn1Director Pawan Kumar’s Lucia is perhaps the most successful crowdfunded Indian film till date and can surely be a considered as a case study for the crowdfunding model. The film which was made at a budget of Rs 51 lakhs (raised entirely through crowdfunding) was a box office success and the satellite rights were sold to Udaya TV at a very lucrative price. The film was also remade in Tamil as Ennakul Oruvan, while the Hindi remake rights were sold to Fox Star Studios.Continue reading “Trailer Of Pawan Kumar’s Kannada Movie – ‘U Turn’”

RangiTaranga Movie Review: A Colourful Wave That Leaves an Impression

It’s easy to lose your heart to someone, but it’s not that easy for someone to also reciprocate your love for him/her in return. That’s why there’s a big difference between an actual romance and unrequited love. Imagine that you are lucky enough to find your dream girl and she reciprocates your love as well, what do you from thereon? What if you were to drift away from your beloved and find yourself falling in love with someone else all over again? No I’m not talking of cheating on your partner but referring to a strange twist in your life due to circumstances. Also imagine another situation where you get back in contact with your beloved once again, but realize that he/she is out of reach for no fault of either of you. What do you do in such a situation? Yes life can indeed be cruel, it can give you something but also take away something from you when you least expect it.Continue reading “RangiTaranga Movie Review: A Colourful Wave That Leaves an Impression”