Irudhi Suttru Tamil Movie Review: No Knock Out This

“Do not meddle with the way I coach”, says Prabhu (R Madhavan) to the assistant coach. “If I had listened to you, she would be cleaning toilets like you do”, he says pointing out to the aspiring woman boxer Madhi (Ritika Singh). “I may be the one cleaning toilets, Sir” replies the assistant coach, played by the excellent Nasser. “But you are the one who stinks”, he retorts with arguably the best line written for Tamil cinema this year. (And the year has just begun!). It is, therefore, so very disappointing that Sudha Kongara(Story/Screenplay/Direction) and Arun Matheshwaran (dialogues) choose to punch below their weight and could get this brilliance  only occasionally transmitted on the screen. (But Sudha delivers as a filmmaker – more about that later).Continue reading “Irudhi Suttru Tamil Movie Review: No Knock Out This”

Aadama Jaichomada Movie Review: Silly and Irreverent Fun

A cabbie proposes by getting an ‘idli parcel’ from his sweetheart’s road side shop and returning it back to her with an engagement ring stuffed inside the idli. The ‘idli kada‘ lady promises to marry him if he could afford a room with an attached posh restroom! An upright and sincere inspector walks inside an interrogation room, closes the recording camera with his cap and proceeds to tickle the suspect. A senior police official is made to pledge on his head by an accused when investigating a major sport betting racket. A rookie producer proudly showcases a highly emetogenic action movie titled ‘Sooravali’ starring his ‘gubeer sirippu’ star-son to his forlorn looking financier. A cricket bookie is found mysteriously  with a ‘laughing face’ rigor mortis inside the room of a star hotel.  Well, good luck trying to connect the dots.Continue reading “Aadama Jaichomada Movie Review: Silly and Irreverent Fun”

Tenaliraman Movie Review: Vadivelu is Back!

Tenaliraman_2014How do you outwit a pack of scheming thieves determined to rob you, into digging a god-damned thirty feet well in your backyard?

How do you squeeze an elephant into a mud pot?

How do you nonchalantly determine the mother-tongue of your jealous competitor?

How do you convincingly answer the tricky question, “Which came first – the chicken or the egg?”

How do you keep foiling your enemy’s ploys and persecution, with a smile?

How do you justify the adage, “Everything happens for good”, time and again?

How do you react to a death penalty against you, keep your calm and come out clean?

How do you make an intelligent mockery of stupid superstitions, making people believe in rationality and good-will?

How do you hit back against the tyranny of the evil and the greedy using your brains, rather than brawn?

That’s Tenali for you. And whats more?Continue reading “Tenaliraman Movie Review: Vadivelu is Back!”