Raam Reddy’s Thithi is selected for all three top categories in the prestigious Asia New Talent Awards in the 19th Shanghai International Film Festival in China

Raam Reddy’s Kannada language directorial debut. Thithi is selected for all the three top categories – Best FilmBest Director and Best Screenplay – in the prestigious Asia New Talent Awards in the 19th Shanghai International Film Festival held in China from 11-19 June.


Other films nominated in the Best Film Category are One Night Only (China), Hana’s Miso Soup(Japan), Land of the Little People (Israel) and Detective Chinatown (China). Thithi is the only film from India that has been selected and will be screened on June 15th, 18th and 19th.


Overwhelmed with the warm response to Thithi Raam Reddy says, “While the film is still in theatres across India and doing very well, it is really exciting to continue our festival journey, this time with nominations in all three of the top categories in the Asia New Talents Awards. Thithi continues to surprise me with it’s traction in different countries and cultures and I am very excited to see how a Chinese audience respond to the film!”


Produced by Pratap Reddy and Sunmin Park (acclaimed producer of “The Others” starring Nicole Kidman), Thithi was screened in over 12 prestigious international and national film festivals and won 13 awards.

Thithi bagged two top awards –-Pardo d’oro Cineasti Del Presente Premio Nescens”  (Golden Leopard, Filmmakers of the Present Competition) and “Swatch First Feature Award” for the best debut feature— at the Locarno International Film Festival where it had its international premiere in 2015. The film made its Asia premiere at Mumbai Film Festival (MAMI), 2015 and won the Jury Grand Prize in the international competition. The film recently won the 2016 National Award for Best Feature film in Kannada and also won three awards at the Karnataka State Film Awards 2016 – Best Film, Best Dialogues and Best Supporting Actress. The film was also selected for 2016 New Directors/ New Films.

The film started its journey at the prestigious Work-in-Progress Lab (WIP) at the NFDC Film Bazaar, 2014 where it was declared the Best WIP Fiction Feature.

Written by Ere Gowda and co-written by Raam Reddy, Thithi is a dramatic comedy about how three generations of sons react to the death of the oldest in their clan, a man named Century Gowda: a locally renowned, highly cantankerous 101-year-old man. Set in a small village in Karnataka, the three storylines intertwine before converging at Century Gowda’s ‘thithi’ — the final funeral celebration, 11 days after a death.

The film was released by Suresh Movies in Karnataka on May 6 and has got a tremendous response in its home territory that has been unprecedented for a film of its kind. The film not only received rave reviews but has also won over the audience and is running mostly houseful in urban centers.

Thithi: A Quick Review

The Kannada film industry has traveled a long way and always lagged behind its other members of the family (Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu)  in terms of creative quality and commercial success. So when a Kannada movie wins the National award and breaks geographical barriers by winning an award at one of the most elusive festival for Indian Films- Locarno Film Festival- ‘praiseworthy’ is an understatement.Continue reading “Thithi: A Quick Review”

Thithi Movie Review: A Little Gem from the Villages of India

Directed by: Raam Reddy (a 26 year old “Stephenian”), Written by: Ere Gowda (his school-buddy)

Starring: Villagers from the Mandya district of Karnataka

Few experiences are more magical for a film-lover than to unearth a hidden gem from the realm of the lesser known independent/ parallel cinema which surprises the viewer with its freshness. Add to that the fact that the film entirely casts villagers with no professional actors among them. Add further the indigenous realism the movie brings that would make Iranian film-makers and Vittorio De Sica (father of neo-realism) proud. And finally add several European film awards (including 2 prized awards from the prestigious Locarno film festival) as the icing on the cake. The biggest irony is – the film is yet to have a full release in India. Well of course the wait ends today as it makes it to Mumbai, Pune and Delhi/NCR.Continue reading “Thithi Movie Review: A Little Gem from the Villages of India”

Thithi Movie Review: A Celebration Of Life In Rural India

As the film begins we see a wrinkly old man with a world weary face sit outside his home. It is the place where he spends most of his day by calling people names, passing snide remarks and getting into petty squabbles with passerby’s on the road. If we look around, we can spot many such people who spend their entire day often with groups with quite a few people of their age discussing every possible topic under the sun. The scenario is not too different in villages, where one can find elderly people indulging in similar trivial discussions about many things and passing judgments on the same. Of course not all of them may get into an argument with the people on the road or pass snide remarks at them, for not all of them are Century Gowda – the 100 year old man (hence the name) with whom the film begins and whose demise kick starts the story.Continue reading “Thithi Movie Review: A Celebration Of Life In Rural India”