Ozhivudivasathe Kali Movie Review: An Outing with Friends Which Turns into a Social Commentary

What do you do on a holiday especially when there’s nothing really to be done at home? What if you had the company of friends who suggest that you join them on an outing, just to chill and unwind over drinks? And imagine that either your people at home are not around or they are totally fine with you going out and having a good time with your friends? Added to it being the fact that these are friends with whom you really connect a lot, with whom anything under the sun can be discussed. Most of us I’m sure would be happy to go along, in the process getting nostalgic at times and discussing things of the past. At times discussing even things totally irrelevant as well, not that you mind anything after all you are in the company of people you are comfortable with, right?Continue reading “Ozhivudivasathe Kali Movie Review: An Outing with Friends Which Turns into a Social Commentary”

Kabali Music Review: Santhosha Magizhchi !

‘Nee vaa thozha’, in those powerfully asserted words, starts the opening ‘Ulagam Oruvanukka’ song with a very clearly ‘oruvan oruvan mudhalali’(Muthu) inspired beat. The beat slowly also changes to a more ‘maro maro’(Boys) beat, but inspirations aside let us see how the graph of the song proceeds. Sa Na (Short hereafter for Santhosh Narayanan) himself starts the vocals and you do have initial jitters if whether a relatively less experienced singer like him can do justice to the enormous duty of delivering a superstar intro song. The song has a steadily energetic feel to it with good chorus and strong lyrics. The lyrics till the first whistle are pretty straightforward hero worship stuff with a small dose of anti-establishment flavor. The nice Hollywood western type whistle, followed by a slightly awkward ‘Kabali’ chant give way to a totally different ball game though. This is also just the time at which the song clearly says that Kabali has been a cage for long and is released into the nation now (cage- jail possibly????)Continue reading “Kabali Music Review: Santhosha Magizhchi !”

‘Cuckoo’ Music Review: Nest in peace

Cuckoo-Tamil-Movie‘Cuckoo’ is Fox Star Studios’ next Tamil production after ‘Raja Rani’. They have taken measured steps in Tamil and barring the disastrous ‘Vathikuchi’ they have been largely successful too. This time they have put their faith on Raju Murugan an erstwhile assistant of director Lingusamy. The trailer has created a lot of expectations of a wholesome family entertainer involving the love story around 2 visually impaired protagonists and the quirky characters around them. The music released a couple of weeks ago has met with highly favourable reviews. The rising star of tamil film music, Santhosh Narayanan is scaling new peaks with each release. Is Cuckoo another feather in his cap? Let’s analyze.Continue reading “‘Cuckoo’ Music Review: Nest in peace”