64th National Film Awards (2017): List of Winners

The 64th National Film Awards for Indian Cinema of 2016 has just been announced a short while ago.  The awards will be distributed in early May this year. Given below is the list of winners-

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Pelli Choopulu Movie Review: When Cinema Imitates Real Life

Many Indian men and women get exposed to what’s referred to as Ladki Dekhna/Ponnu Pakaradhu/Pennu Kaanal/Pelli Choopulu etc (in Hindi/Tamil/Malayalam/Telugu and various other Indian languages). It’s that time in your life when parents assume that it’s high time you “settled” down with your prospective life partner and the match making process starts. Of course things have changed a lot in recent times and in the big cities the marriage brokers are fast becoming an extinct breed, even as online matrimonial service providers are getting popular day by day. Traditionally the ritual consisted of the prospective bridegroom along with his immediate family and probably a few more people, close relatives and/or friends, paying a visit to the prospective bride’s home. After the usual exchange of pleasantries, parents from both sides allow the boy and the girl to spend some talking to each other to help them decide if they like each other.  Continue reading “Pelli Choopulu Movie Review: When Cinema Imitates Real Life”