James and Alice Movie Review: Can a Relationship Work with a Second Chance?

Isn’t it an amazing feeling to fall in love with someone? Those tender moments that you encounter which make you go weak in your knees every time you see your beloved. When hours pass by without hearing from your lover and as you get frantic, looking at your mobile phone again and again for any trace of a missed call, SMS or a WhatsApp message. You do things that you otherwise would never have done before, so what if some of them later on dawn upon you as “painkili” or mushy :). Whatever be the challenge in front of you, be it related to academics, job or anything else, everything pales in significance before your love and your beloved. It’s almost as if life has come to a standstill, and there’s only one active window in front of you. Come on, haven’t you all (or at least most of you) gone through all this? Some of you have even perhaps gone on to get married to the person whom you were in love with, so does the romance continue the same way after the wedding is over?Continue reading “James and Alice Movie Review: Can a Relationship Work with a Second Chance?”

Maalai Nerathu Mayakkam Movie Review: Nowhere as Heady as Promised

There are all sorts of love stories which float around us, some genuine and some not so genuine. There are some relationships which probably confuse you, making you wonder what exactly is wrong with people. Needless to say you are too good to be commenting on other people’s choices in life openly, preferring instead to talk it over in your head. Even if you want to share your opinion with friends there is always the risk of being asked by someone as to whether you are questioning someone’s choice purely out of jealousy and so on. Hence it’s normal to just keep your opinion to yourself, and hope that you don’t really get too distracted by what you feel is an imbalanced relationship; only to actually see exactly the same happening sooner or later. And if ever you wonder what makes you think you are perfect yourself, what gives you the right to pass judgements on others etc., hang on-you are just being normal if you feel or react in a manner like this when faced with such a situation.Continue reading “Maalai Nerathu Mayakkam Movie Review: Nowhere as Heady as Promised”

Uttama Villain Music Review: Uttama Veri, Unnadha Theri!

Uttama Villain(UV)’ as a film has been wrapped in a bit of intrigue for sometime now. The initial assumption was that it would be a typical Kamal A-class comedy quickie. But as more and more promotional material is being revealed, it is looking like a much more involving and intriguing enterprise. Also Ulaganayagan’s decision to sign Ghibran for a 3 film deal has left all film buffs puzzled. Granted Ghibran is immensely talented and along with Santhosh Narayanan is one of the few bright hopes for the future of tamil film music. But still, a maniacally perfection obsessed Kamal with immediate access to the IRs, ARRs and SELs of the world signing a young composer upfront for 3 projects tells something. I was personally licking my lips, as Ghibran was coming on the back of a very good Thirumanam Enum Nikaah(TEN) and a great Amara Kaaviyam(AK). I was eager to see how Kamal’s amazing script sense, music sense and knowledge of the language marry Ghibran’s new age instrumentation, novel approach to melody and heavy layering work.

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