Rajinikanth on a High

Disclaimer- Well, let me tell you very clearly, I am an atheist and hence i can’t call myself a Rajni fan.
Also, I am my own boss, so it won’t be proper if I called somebody else Thalaivar. I love Thalapathi, not because it is a Rajni film, but because it is a Santosh Sivan and Mani Ratnam film. For me, Sivaji – the Boss was satire and Enthiran was surrealistic imaginations of a person who doesn’t know anything about ceiling fans. The point is this is a totally non-serious and vella article without any intent and motivation. I hope the title will be self-sufficient to understand what my intent here is.

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A Tribute to Kamal Swaroop’s Om Dar B Dar

PVR Directors rare Om Dar B DarOm Sankar always wanted to become a filmmaker. But he went on to become an astro physicist from Ajmer. Actually his father forced him in to becoming a scientist. Now this kind of ‘educational abuse’ is very common among Tam Brahms. But his father belonged to ‘anusuchit jati’. There are two versions of this story, one that his father made a fraudulent caste certificate to help his relatives, second is that he was actually from ‘anusuchit jamati’ , but government thought that his jamati  no longer constitutes a vote bank. Whatever be the point is he now neither a Tam Brahm nor from ‘anusuchit jati and jamati’.
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