Bandra Film Festival celebrates women’s day with a stellar line up

4 Inspiring short film by women directors to watch on International Women’s Day 2021

What better way to celebrate International Women’s Day with your girlfriends than a line-up of inspiring films that feature the best portrayals of powerful women?Continue reading “Bandra Film Festival celebrates women’s day with a stellar line up”

A Portrait of the Artist as a Business Man

Note- I personally enjoy watching short films of various kinds and keep looking out especially for Indian short films which are engaging and leave a long lasting impact on me, long after I’ve seen it. Prasanth Vijay’s ‘Amguleechaalitham’ is certainly one such film which completely hooked me. In fact I was one among the earliest to watch the film, more than a year back when it was made. I still remember getting fascinated by the technical aspects of the film and watching the end credits completely so that I could have a proper discussion with Prasanth about the same, much to his surprise. There is something unique about the whole film, which I somehow cannot express easily. The story in a way is sort of fable like and pulls you in slowly, but surely. And the performances are noteworthy, especially that of the old man who leaves a major impact. I hope more and more people get to watch this film and end up encouraging filmmakers like Prasanth to make  more such films.

This is the 1st part of a trilogy of posts in which Prasanth will be talking about various elements linked to ‘Amguleechaalitham’. Prasanth was initially not too sure of whether something like this would be relevant on MAM and in fact he went on to discuss the same with me . I then reassured him that this is something that is more than welcome on MAM.


What connects Nina Paley‘s ‘Sita sings the Blues‘, Richard Schenkman’s ‘The Man from Earth’ and Justin John‘s yet unreleased ‘Yamdas‘?

Sita Sings the BluesWell, the connection is rather personal. These are some movies that asked for financial support online and to which I have been able to contribute. I can’t recollect now how much I paid in each of these cases. It doesn’t matter either, for two reasons- i) the amount for sure was negligible compared to the cost incurred in making them, ii) I can still claim to be a part of the film just as much as someone who contributed a significant share. In the first two cases, it was for movies that already existed (because I loved and was influenced by them) and in the latter for one that was being made (because I had faith in the creator and his earlier works had impressed me).Continue reading “A Portrait of the Artist as a Business Man”