Trailer Of X Men: Apocalypse

X Men Apoclaypse2016 seems to be the year of superhero clashes. After Batman v.Superman: Dawn Of Justice opened to mixed reviews few weeks ago, Captain America and Iron Man will soon battle it out in Captain America: Civil War. Also releasing this year is X Men: Apocalypse – the latest installment of the X Men franchise. While much of the spotlight was hogged by Batman vs. Superman & Captain America: Civil War, the latest X Men film got a bit overlooked.

But by the looks of it’s latest trailer, we may have yet another great addition to one of the longest running and most exciting superhero film franchise. And it may just about surpass the other superhero films this year.  Continue reading “Trailer Of X Men: Apocalypse”

Win DVD’s of MAD MAX Fury Road

Mad About Moviez (MAM) and Home Entertainment Services by Sony DADC bring to you MAD MAX Fury Road Contest, wherein you can a win DVD of the film. Here are the details of the contest.  All participants have to start off by liking the Facebook page of Sony DADC. You need to answer just 2 easy questions:-Continue reading “Win DVD’s of MAD MAX Fury Road”


Get ready for a wild drive as the fourth film from the favorite Mad Max franchise, “Mad Max: Fury Road” arrives onto 3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray & DVD from ‘Home Entertainment Services by Sony DADC’, India’s leading home entertainment content provider. This post-apocalyptic action film set in a future desert wasteland is directed by Oscar®-winning filmmaker George Miller (“Happy Feet”), the originator of the post-apocalyptic genre and mastermind behind the legendary “Mad Max” franchise.Continue reading “THE ROAD WARRIOR RETURNS WITH “MAD MAX: FURY ROAD””

Mad Max Fury Road Movie Review: Oh! What A Film! What A Lovely Film

mad-max-fury-road-banner-posterWhen George Miller made the first Mad Max movie, little did he know that he had set out to create a much loved and awe inspiring movie franchise.

Even if you haven’t seen the earlier Mad Max films, there’s no way the brilliant promos of Mad Max Fury Road would not have caught your attention, especially if you proclaim to be a movie buff. If not, then frankly you have no business calling yourself one.Continue reading “Mad Max Fury Road Movie Review: Oh! What A Film! What A Lovely Film”

Mad Max Fury Road : Official Trailer

Mad MaxDirected by George Miller, Mad Max (1979) an action film set in the post apocalyptic times saw Max Rockstansky (Mel Gibson) a cop who sets out to avenge the death of his wife and fellow policeman murdered by a bunch of motorbike riding thugs.

Mad Max which is considered to be a trendsetting action film spawned two sequels Mad Max 2 : The Road Warrior (1981) and Max Max : Beyond Thunderdome (1985) both directed by George Miller and starring Mel Gibson in the titular role.Continue reading “Mad Max Fury Road : Official Trailer”