Tumhari Sulu Movie Review: Truly, here’s a story that can belong to anyone of us

“Filmy” is a word that is often used to describe something where things are stretched almost to the point of disbelief. It comes from the expectation of watching a Bollywood movie where actions and emotions are so fleshed out to the point like you feel you’re being force-fed a dish with very strong flavours. You could perhaps think of it like your grandmother’s mango pickle. Continue reading “Tumhari Sulu Movie Review: Truly, here’s a story that can belong to anyone of us”

Tumhari Sulu Movie Review: Hello, From the Other Side!

There’s always that moment of awe, when one is confronted with the eruption of a voice that’s been dormant for long. They live among us, they move, they breathe, they dream, and they go unnoticed. And when they finally speak up, those of us who are listening, willingly or unwillingly, end up dumbstruck more often than not. Suresh Triveni’s debut effort sounded like an interesting concept when the trailers came out, but the question is, does it have something to say, or is it just dead air?Continue reading “Tumhari Sulu Movie Review: Hello, From the Other Side!”

Qarib Qarib Singlle Movie Review: Door Door Tak Boredom!

There is something to be said about the durability and versatility of the road movie , a genre like no other, for the way it lends itself to so many different interpretations. It can be used as an allegory for a character to either find oneself through the journey, or even lose oneself. Sometimes, it’s about the destination, and sometimes it’s about the trip. And it is a genre that allows for a certain amount of meandering, so to speak , not to mention the delicious prospect of an interaction between differing characters, from varying walks of life. So, as one walks into the theatre on a Friday evening, the only question is, what does Qarib Qarib Singlle have to offer the viewer?Continue reading “Qarib Qarib Singlle Movie Review: Door Door Tak Boredom!”

Mumbai wins the most awards at India’s First Digital Awards for web videos at India Film Project

Audience at the seventh edition of India Film Project poured in on the first day to witness film makers and content creators coming together to discuss art of content creation at the Asia’s largest Content Creation festival held in the city. Held across multiple arenas at the Nehru Centre, Indian Film Project was motioned by several personalities including Kunal Kapoor, Neha Dhupia, Dia Mirza, JD Majethia, Devdutt Pattanaik, Mukesh Chhabra along with content producers from various channels. TVF screened their latest comic webisodes “TVF inmates” releasing on 14th October – a hilarious take on goofy housemates and character named ”phugha” inviting his sister to stay over with them.Continue reading “Mumbai wins the most awards at India’s First Digital Awards for web videos at India Film Project”


Writer-director Kabeer Kaushik who has made films like Sehar, Chamku and Hum Tum Aur Ghost in the past, returns with Maximum. While Sehar did make an impact with its gritty story about organised crime in U.P, his other two films neither won acclaim nor did well commercially. Continue reading “Maximum-Trailer”