Wazir: A Quick Review

Wazir PosterAmitabh Bachchan doesn’t need to do any roles in Hollywood. Being in Bollywood, the Big B has already superseded the Big H. Most of the action heroes in Hollywood (read Stallone, Arnold, Costner) still rely on their brawn to showcase their ‘angry young men’ image. While AB has smoothly transitioned from a ‘ Deewar’ and ‘Agneepath’ to a ‘Piku’ and ‘Paa’. His metamorphosis from a superstar to a super-actor seems to be complete with ‘Vazir’. Moreover, one more song in his baritone voice is a treat.Continue reading “Wazir: A Quick Review”

Wazir Movie Review: Quite Watchable Despite a Very Predictable Plot

thequint-2016-01-2ac76806-b41b-47d6-8f77-7d38b8147b36-WazirWazir gets its atmospherics spot on. The chessboard metaphor for real-life shenanigans of loss, longing and revenge is beaming with promise and purpose, the players in the game are up to the task, and the editor on the editing table respects your time for once. But alas, all of this wonderful premise is bogged down by a curiously unidimensional and predictable plot. More on that later. But to begin with, it’s a relief to see a Hindi film with visible signs of a plot after a considerably long time. No, I am not being sarcastic – just look up the list of major releases that you have had in the last couple of months. So, being an eternal optimist that I am, I straightaway declare Wazir to be a decently good omen to begin the New Year. *Touchwood*.Continue reading “Wazir Movie Review: Quite Watchable Despite a Very Predictable Plot”

Wazir Movie Review: A Failed Gambit.

One thing that is undeniable about Bejoy Nambiar is the fact that he is talented. But, a common complaint about his works so far is that they have been visually appealing, but lacking meat. Shaitan for example, started off with a bang, but ran out of steam halfway and fizzled out rather meekly. David was an interesting experiment in storytelling, but fell apart due to the poor writing, especially in the case of Vikram’s plotline. But that being said, both movies had the stamp of a maker, who wasn’t afraid to acknowledge that he possessed his own style. And there is a method to his flashiness, unlike that of a Sanjay Gupta or a Rohit Shetty. So when he decided to combine his visual flair, with the solid writing talents of Vidhu Vinod Chopra and Abhijat Joshi in Wazir, it created a lot of anticipation for the project, but does it live up to the expectations of a discerning audience?Continue reading “Wazir Movie Review: A Failed Gambit.”

Amen Malayalam Movie Review: Gonzo Meets Guerilla

Like many among you, in my family too, as children – we hated vegetables. It was always the usual fuss around the dining table. Our parents had almost given up, being burdened enough with the guilt of having sent us off to boarding school early on, they never exercised what the diplomatically inclined would refer to as ‘restraint’. We were like Lars Von Trier in a quasi sort of way – reckless childhoods.
Order, calm and common sense prevailed only when my grandmother showed up at home. Kerala, my home state, is a very matriarchal society. The women are pretty intense. Her visits always brought the same sense of bittersweet joy. Sweet for the obvious reasons and bitter because of just oneAvial.Oh don’t worry, don’t reach for the dictionary – it’s not your lack of vocabulary. Avial, pronounced as aah-vhee-al is a dish that is uniquely Keralean. It is also every strictly carnivorous individual’s worst nightmare. It is a dish made from not one, not two but 10 different vegetables and it’s all mashed into this thick, morbid looking thing that screams at you to run from the moment it’s on your plate. None of us would touch it and like all parents, mine would say, “Taste it, why don’t you? How would you know if you like it if you don’t taste it?” But not my grandmother. She knew that we were too smart for reason. She had a better trick up her sleeve. She told us a story. It went something like this,Continue reading “Amen Malayalam Movie Review: Gonzo Meets Guerilla”

David Movie Review: Davidozydrowsydavid

There are times when I am not really sure whether I should reject a film or not. I am not sure if I enjoyed it, it was artistic, or it was boring, long, and inconsistent but ultimately alright. I have such feelings now, and they are quite mixed.

There are three stories, they are all linked. Protagonist’s name is David in all three. One story is film noir/Gangster film, second one is a political commentary, and the third one is a love story. I think that is enough information about the film. But the film isn’t really much about the stories, and that I realized after a while. It is more concerned about a wrestling match, a really awkward supernatural touch in the Goa/love story, and more about a fight in the political drama story where the protagonist uses red chilies to fight. Though, by being more practical, I can pretty much laud the director for showing that a young lean boy cannot kick asses of four goons.  Because, when I try to write a review of a film, I tend to write about what I remember, not what was shown well, or what made sense or what didn’t.Continue reading “David Movie Review: Davidozydrowsydavid”

Amen Malayalam Movie: Trailer

Lijo Jose Pellissery got noticed with his first 2 Malayalam movies – Nayakan ( 2010 ) and City of God ( 2011 ). While both these films had an undertone of action/violence, surprisingly his latest film Amen is a romantic musical against a Church backdrop. Continue reading “Amen Malayalam Movie: Trailer”

Trailer of Bejoy Nambiar’s David

After Shaitan which met with mixed response, Bejoy Nambiar is back with his next film, David. Initially planned to be a trilingual, finally this has turned out to be a bilingual in Hindi and Tamil with a dubbed version in Telugu as well. David is apparently a gangster-comedy with Vikram featuring in both the Hindi and Tamil versions, his second Hindi movie after Raavan.

David movie poster
David movie poster

Continue reading “Trailer of Bejoy Nambiar’s David”