Aamhi Doghi Movie Review: Priya Bapat gives career-best performance in this moving tale of womanhood

The promos of Aamhi Doghi would have you believe that the film is only about the relationship between two women – a young, confident and frank Saavi (Priya Bapat) and a shy, traditional and calm Ammi. The title of the film also suggests the same. The film, though, is only partly about the camaraderie between the two. The trailer of last week’s Gulabjaam had almost reduced the layered and touching film to a slapstick comedy. Aamhi Doghi’s case is somewhat of the opposite kind. The promos had raised my hopes sky high, but the film didn’t turn out to be as good. That is not to say that the film lacks nuance, I was only expecting it to be something different.Continue reading “Aamhi Doghi Movie Review: Priya Bapat gives career-best performance in this moving tale of womanhood”

Trailer of Marathi Movie ‘YZ’

YZ Poster 2Director Sameer Vidwans and writer Kshitij Patwardhan made quite an impression last year with Double Seat. The film which took a realistic look at the struggle of a middle class couple to buy a house of their own was a critical and commercial success which struck a chord with audiences.Continue reading “Trailer of Marathi Movie ‘YZ’”

Mumbai Pune Mumbai 2 Movie Review: Is the Return Ticket Worth It?

This is going to be a short review. Most of you have already seen it or already decided not to watch it in the theatres.  Maybe this would help those who are planning to watch it when it comes on the small screen. This is the sequel to the highly acclaimed first part by Satish Rajwade. Does this one live up to the expectations?  Read on to find out.Continue reading “Mumbai Pune Mumbai 2 Movie Review: Is the Return Ticket Worth It?”

Highway Marathi Movie Review : A Pleasant Journey

Highway-Marathi-Movie-Teaser-PosterSometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination’ – Drake. Perhaps it is this thought that has inspired director Umesh Kulkarni and writer actor Girish Kulkarni’s new film Highway .Continue reading “Highway Marathi Movie Review : A Pleasant Journey”

Double Seat Movie Review: Is the ride worth it?

Marathi movie makers in recent times are choosing hatke topics, be it Poshter Boyz, Court, Killa or the recently released Shutter. This is obviously a welcome change as we all were quite bored with the monotony that Bharat Jadhav and Makrand Anaspure brought to Marathi cinema. Double Seat does not deal with a way too hatke a topic though. The trailer looked promising, but does the film deliver? Read on to find out my views.Continue reading “Double Seat Movie Review: Is the ride worth it?”

Double Seat Marathi Movie Review : The Aspirations And Struggles Of Buying A House

Double Seat 1‘Do diwaane shahar me, raat mein yaa dopahar mein, aabodaanaa dhoondhte hai, ek aashiyaanaa dhoondhate hain’ sang Amol Palekar and Zarina Wahab in Gharonda as the couple planing to get married and buy a house of their own in Mumbai.Continue reading “Double Seat Marathi Movie Review : The Aspirations And Struggles Of Buying A House”

Highway Marathi Movie: Trailer

highway marathi movie posterUmesh and Girish Kulkarni are two of the most sort after names in the marathi film industry. Their upcoming projects are closely followed. The buzz about their films begins from the festival screening of the film itself. This time however they have chosen to directly release their film in theatre without taking the festival route.

Thy synopsis says it is a film of that escape from the grind that all of us yearn for. It is an attempt to see our own reflections in today’s time.

It stars Girish Kulkarni, Huma Qureshi, Tisca Chopra, Renuka Shahane Rana, Vidyadhar Joshi, Mukta Barve, Sunil Barve, Mayur Khandge, Shrikant Yadav, Kishore Chaugule, Kishor Kadam, Vrishali Kulkarni, Purva Pawar amongst others.

It releases on the 24th of July.

Here’s the trailer :

Continue reading “Highway Marathi Movie: Trailer”

Badam Rani Ghulam Chor: A movie that almost works

Badam Rani Ghulam Chor Poster

Satish Rajwade’s last film Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai was a decent adaptation of Richard Linklater’s Before Sunrise. But what had put me off is that there was no credit given to Richard Linklater and for that reason the ignorant section of the public and also the media showered Rajwade with praise for the idea which wasn’t entirely his in the first place. Here, the makers of the popular marathi play Makdachya Haathi Champagne(Champagne in the hands of a monkey) themselves approached Rajwade for adapting it into a film, but Badam Rani Ghulam Chor as an adaptation hasn’t entirely worked like in the case of Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai.Continue reading “Badam Rani Ghulam Chor: A movie that almost works”

Cinema in the Song: Jeev Rangala

A still from the film

There are very few songs which have been picturised so beautifully that you just end up staring at them with wide-eyes. You don’t mind even if the story is not going much ahead. You just want your eyes to devour the visuals unfolding. Jeev Rangala from Jogwa certainly does that to you. Based on a play called Phulwa, the film explores the life of the devdasis of the Yellama Cult in Karnataka. It is a romantic tale of Suli(Mukta Barve) and Tayappa(Upendra Limaye) who have both been forced into becoming devadasis due to social pressure and how they try to break free from the shackles that the society has bonded them to.



After you have seen the video of the song you will notice that the actors in the frame are dark with unattractive features. They definitely don’t make for a pretty couple as per conventional Indian norms. But still there is sensuality oozing from each frame of the song. I will also go on to say that this is easily one of the most sensuous songs I have ever seen in an Indian film. Mukta Barve and Upendra Limaye make you realize that to make a love-making scene work what you require is only a high caliber of acting skill, not much of anything else. I particularly love the way how Suli(Mukta Barve) locks lips with Tayappa(Upendra Limaye), without any inhibitions whatsoever. What also startled me was seeing that here it is the woman who is unbuttoning the ‘blouse’ of her man. Such sexual liberation of a female character is rarely seen in our cinema.

Sanjay Jadhav’s absolutely gorgeous camerawork goes a long long way in making the picturisation what it is. Right from the way he lights his characters in the very first shot of the song, to those kissing scenes in the balcony with the rain outside, to that breath-taking crane shot towards the end with the camera hovering over the couple resting in a hammock that is tied over the river. Sanjay Jadhav lets you know that he is one of the best cinematographers today in India.

The duet song sung expertly by the ever-amazing Hariharan and Shreya Ghosal and composed by Ajay-Atul is without doubt of very high quality. In one of those rare occasions, the song made all of them win a National Award which definitely speaks a lot about it.

Last but definitely not the least, director of the film Rajiv Patil should be heaped with a lot of praise for his vision of the song. He has excelled in bringing all three factors (music, acting and visuals) together to make for a video which will be remembered for many years to come.