How to revive the Malayalam film industry?

Kerala is a film loving state, it was the only state in India where one could see Baahubali in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. It has film societies and a film festival which is better than IFFI and on par with MAMI, yet the Malayalam film industry continues to struggle.Kerala is a state where Hollywood movies, Tamil, Bollywood and even Telugu films are accepted. It is a state where rickshaw drivers will discuss Fellini with you, yet somehow the business of Malayalam movies has not grown to it’s potential.Here in this post I have tried to identify the pain areasand tried to give a few solutions for the same. My three areas of focus are exhibition,distribution of content and promotion of content.Continue reading “How to revive the Malayalam film industry?”

Releasing an Independently Made Film: My Experience with “The Path of Zarathustra”

At the very outset I’d like to begin this write-up by admitting that I am no expert on movie marketing or film distribution, far from it in fact. However these are indeed subjects close to my heart and I am happy that I’m in a position to continuously learn and improve in the same. While I’m partly a media professional as I write for MAM and elsewhere on cinema, I am very transparent in admitting that I’ve always wanted to work in films directly as well. Over the last few years ever since I quit the comfort of a secure corporate career, I’ve tried various routes to break in via both the conventional and unconventional routes. While the prospect of working with a good studio/production house always excited me, considering that the brand in question and the projects associated thereby would help me improve my learning, I realized that it is not easy to break in to that space.Continue reading “Releasing an Independently Made Film: My Experience with “The Path of Zarathustra””

P&A in Hindi Cinema: The Current Perspective

Traditionally P&A (print & advertising) in Hindi films is a big determinant in determining the success of films. While earlier the producers were more content in terms of looking at the COP (cost of production) and then deciding the P&A depending on the kind of distribution deals struck, things have been changing a lot in this aspect in the recent past. Earlier one wasn’t always sure of whether the film would have a definite same day all India release or a staggered release. Also even in case of a same day All India release the producer had to take a call on P&A keeping in mind the number of prints being distributed across territories. But with the physical print system slowly fading away and digital distribution now being the norm more or less everywhere, today’s P&A budgets are mostly meant for promoting the film only.Continue reading “P&A in Hindi Cinema: The Current Perspective”

P&A The Curse or The Boon: A Look at the Trends down South!!

The Current story of the South Indian cinema is that of unprecedented growth and rapid change. Let’s take a look at the key component which is driving this growth, the very same component which is today the biggest deterrent for the Hindi Cinema, The dreaded P&A [Print & Advertising].Continue reading “P&A The Curse or The Boon: A Look at the Trends down South!!”

Thoughts on Fandry’s Marketing Strategy

Nagraj Manjule’s extra-ordinary debut film Fandry recently had its world television premiere. The television premiere too was well promoted much like the release of the film in the theatres. With the television broadcast one can say the fairly aggressive marketing campaign of the film has nearly come to an end.

In the last decade or so, marketing or publicity of a film has become very crucial. It can make or break a film’s theatrical run. Astute marketing helps the film reach out to the target audience amongst the clamour for attention from the large number of films that release each week. Marathi films are mostly plagued with poor marketing due to lack of resources. Unable to face competition from the behemoth that is Bollywood, most Marathi films sink without any trace. Exception being films that have the resources to promote themselves and hold their own against the Bollywood biggies. More often than not, the Marathi films that have fared well at the box office are associated with Zee Entertainment. The production cum distribution house that also runs a very popular Marathi tv channel is by far the most successful at the marathi box office in the recent past. Once they back a project they go all out in promoting it. Having a popular tv channel for promotion goes a long way in reaching the target audience.Continue reading “Thoughts on Fandry’s Marketing Strategy”

“No country for Small Films” (Part 1)

“The Rise & the fall of Indian Indies and the Boon & Bane of Digital Cinema”

(Please note that the indies I’m referring to here are the ones which are made at Rs 30 lakhs or below).

Nukkad EntertainmentIt’s kind of misnomer or call it an irony that ‘Indie’ and ‘India’ don’t go along. Sometimes people think that filmmakers from India are often referred as indie filmmakers. They are like an outcast and being an indie filmmaker in India is like being a gay, black, Arab living in Alabama State of USA. Continue reading ““No country for Small Films” (Part 1)”

Movie Marketing- The Telugu Cinema Way

Note- Originally written in the end of 2008, this is a re-edited post being featured as a result of a super heavy discussion on Telugu Cinema with some friends, straight after the day’s films @ Mumbai Film Festival ( MAMI 2011 )

I’m just back home after watching a recently released, successfully running Telugu movie called Nachavule. On the way home I kept thinking again & again about the movie. Well yes the movie is certainly decent enough to be thinking about, but more than the movie I was thinking more from the angle of the movie’s marketing. As a keen follower of Telugu cinema that’s when I realized that while at large Telugu movies are still caught in the trap of the so called stars and the big producers & directors with some few small film makers trying to also keep themselves afloat, but in terms of movie marketing, Telugu cinema seems to be heading in the right track.Continue reading “Movie Marketing- The Telugu Cinema Way”