10 Years of MAM (Mad About Moviez): An Exciting Journey Despite Many Glitches

Earlier this month our website Mad About Moviez (MAM as we fondly refer to it) turned a grand decade old, having started operations way back in 2011 around this time. Back then the portal came up to fill a void of sorts, after the fantastic PFC (Passion For Cinema) shut down in the summer of 2011. With like minded film buffs like Ashwin Varma, Ajay Nair and Aditya Savnal joining me with the same mindset and enthusiasm, we began MAM in a small way. Though we did not set out with any particular goals, we soon realized that a portal like ours needed one or more focus areas. Covering conventional Bollywood and Hollywood cinema was thus relegated to the background, as we realized that doing justice to these broad areas would be tough. We were anyways late entrants and there were big, popular film websites with whom we would have to compete with.

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Is Accessing MAM (Mad About Moviez) Now a Problem?

So in this recent ban on porn sites in India we’ve already been facing a flurry of complaints & protests, mostly to do with freedom of individual privacy and the growing discomfort with the establishment in terms of diktats enforced. To add to it we now have an added problem-certain legitimate websites which have nothing to do with porn have also been allegedly blocked by some ISP’s and/or mobile data services providers.Continue reading “Is Accessing MAM (Mad About Moviez) Now a Problem?”

Madness About Moviez

DarrIt started early, I think. My mum tells me I was very excited when Shah Rukh Khan’s Darr was about to release. As a kid, I used repeat “Jaadu teri Nazar” non-stop. And the only lines I could sing were, “Jaadu teri Nazar, Khushboo tera badan, Tu haan kar, Ya naa kar, Tu hai Meri Kiran”. And I’d repeat them, non-stop. So much, that my elder brother used to get frustrated.Continue reading “Madness About Moviez”

MAM is now 2 Years ‘Young’: The Journey Continues

Last year around the same time when I was sitting down and penning down my thoughts on the recap of MAM’s 1st year, everything looked so nostalgic. The nostalgia still remains 2 years into the journey, but there’s also the eagerness to move forward and to branch out into frontiers not yet fully explored.Continue reading “MAM is now 2 Years ‘Young’: The Journey Continues”

MAM turns a year old; Exciting journey so far, even more exciting times ahead

I’ve always thought about this day but now when it’s in front of me I’m feeling a bit lost and wondering what to write. Anyways the idea here is to tell you all about how we went about starting MAM and highlighting some of the steps on the way. With the curtains down on PFC (something which still pains me) in May 2011 I was initially feeling quite upset. After all it wasn’t just a portal for me, rather almost a second home. For the last 3 years or so that I was active over there, starting with reading & commenting, followed by writing and then leading the editorial team, it was all about unpaid work in a way but something I loved doing and proud of in a very special way.Continue reading “MAM turns a year old; Exciting journey so far, even more exciting times ahead”