In Conversation with Malayalam Filmmaker Salim Ahamed: On working with Mammootty, his latest hit Pathemari and More

Salim Ahamed shot to fame with his multiple National Award winning Malayalam film, Adaminte Makan Abu. He has since then gone on to make Kunjananthante Kada and Pathemari, both featuring Mammootty in the lead. Here in an exclusive interview with MAM he talks about his films, working with Mammootty etc.Continue reading “In Conversation with Malayalam Filmmaker Salim Ahamed: On working with Mammootty, his latest hit Pathemari and More”

Pathemari Movie Review: Old Fashioned But Still Relevant

As a kid I grew up listening to tales of people living in the Gulf countries,apparently making a lot of money and keeping their family members and friends happy. It would be tempting to see friends bringing in new toys or goodies whenever their father or uncle came back on a holiday, often making me even wonder why my father never even wanted to make his fortune over there :). But being interested in films even as a child, I remember watching films like Ee Naadu (1982) and Akkare (1984) which presented a slightly different tale of people associated with the Gulf in some way or the other. Nevertheless seeing Malayalam films those days on VHS cassettes from the Gulf while the film was very much in theatres those days was quite a kick in itself, making one feel good all the more about people working there, and feeling a tad envious of people benefiting from them as well :).  It didn’t take me much time to realize that not everyone working in the Gulf countries is a millionaire, nor is everyone a lowly worker, fighting for their basic survival itself.Continue reading “Pathemari Movie Review: Old Fashioned But Still Relevant”

Pathemari: Trailer

Pathemari Poster 2Salim Ahamed,the writer-director of the multiple National Award winning Malayalam film,Adaminte Makan Abu (2011) went on to collaborate with Mammootty in his second film Kunjananthante Kada (2013) which did not receive the same kind of acceptance as his first film. Nevertheless now he is ready with his next film, Pathemari which once again features Mammootty in the lead. Produced by T.K.Hashik and T.P.Sudheesh,both Kannur natives like Salim Ahamed, they probably connected with the plot of the film,having worked in the Gulf themselves. Pathemari talks about the Malayalee exodus to the Gulf countries over the last 50 years or so and apart from Mammootty the film also features Jewel Mary, Sreenivasan, Joy Mathew, Siddique, Shaheen Siddique etc.Continue reading “Pathemari: Trailer”

The Best of Malayalam Cinema in 2013: A Perspective

Ramzan Malayalam ReleasesCompared to 2012 which was a landmark year of sorts for Malayalam Cinema 2013 was a little uneven year of sorts. But 2013 is a unique year for Malayalam Cinema where in terms of quantity of output Malayalam saw the maximum number of straight releases as compared to any other Indian language (apparently 158 straight releases and 12 dubbed releases with Tamil being a close second with 149 straight releases).  In terms of films which were clear trendsetters maybe the number of exceptional films weren’t too many, but keeping in mind that 2013 wasn’t an exceptionally special year for Indian Cinema per se, the output of Malayalam Cinema was still quite impressive. Sure the industry had its fair share of disappointments but then they do not outweigh the things which worked positively. Before I go on to talk about the films which made a difference in the year, let’s first look at some of the significant developments and aspects that were observed over the year.Continue reading “The Best of Malayalam Cinema in 2013: A Perspective”

Daivathinte Swantham Cleetus and Kunjananthante Kada: Mammootty Double Bill that works, to an extent

Kunjananthante Kada-MammoottyHere’s wishing everyone a very Happy and Prosperous Onam.

Mammootty seems to be in a catch-22 situation these days. He is still searching for that elusive big hit and/or a film which will once again make his fans and critics appreciative of his presence and choice of script. Continue reading “Daivathinte Swantham Cleetus and Kunjananthante Kada: Mammootty Double Bill that works, to an extent”

Kunjananthante Kada: Sneak Peek

Kunjananthante Kada- Mammootty in the shopAdaminte Makan Abu is one of the more impactful Malayalam films in recent times and writer- director Salim Ahamed couldn’t have asked for a better debut film. Not only was the film critically appreciated and won multiple awards including 4 National (including Best Film and Best Actor) and 4 Kerala State Awards, it also established that Salim Kumar could actually do a lot more than regular comedy for which he is usually known for. Continue reading “Kunjananthante Kada: Sneak Peek”