Mohanlal: From Narendran to Kunjali Marakkar IV, a Journey to be Admired

With all of us being confined to our homes for nearly 2 months or so, all thanks to the Covid-19 outbreak, we have seen our lives getting altered in ways that we had never anticipated and looked forward to. I have been someone who generally preferred the experience of watching movies in cinemas, not getting lured by the abundant content (films, web-series and much more) available on the numerous OTT/digital platforms that we have access to. Every few months I would ponder over trying to embrace the OTT platforms, but kept delaying the inevitable, only for this lockdown to finally bring in the transition in my case. So thus, I have been getting my daily fix of entertainment at home in the last couple of months, watching film after film, series after series. And in this process, I also watched Ranjith’s Drama (2018), a rare Mohanlal film in recent times that I had missed watching in a theatre.Continue reading “Mohanlal: From Narendran to Kunjali Marakkar IV, a Journey to be Admired”

Kireedam (1989): A Personal Tribute on its 25th Anniversary

Note- This is not a straightforward review of the film, instead it’s a personal tribute to Sibi Malayil’s iconic film which incidentally released this day, 25 years ago.

Kireedam 1989 PosterI was named after my paternal grandfather in a rather filmy sort of manner. My grandmother lay seriously ill a few months before I was born and call it a strange premonition or not; she called over my mother one day and said “I feel that I just may not be alive when my grandson/granddaughter is born. In case if it’s a boy, please promise me that you will name him after your father–in-law, i.e the boy’s grandfather”. And so my mother promised to do so and my grandmother indeed passed away a few weeks later. I ended up getting to be named as Sethumadhavan, taking after my grandfather. But unlike what the elders at home might have thought of, from the time I remember going to school I really started disliking my name.Continue reading “Kireedam (1989): A Personal Tribute on its 25th Anniversary”