Begum Jaan Movie Review: Of Women Behaving Badly

Partition and Prostitution are two plot devices that can ensure a hard hitting cinematic experience if handled with restraint, and end up making a mockery of human tragedy and resilience, if handled without finesse. Therefore, when the promos of Begum Jaan showed up, one ended up being intrigued. A tale set during the partition involving women of the night promised to be a tantalizing premise. And when it is a massive cast headed by Vidya Balan in a never before avatar, one does walk into the theatre with high expectations. So does Begum possess enough Jaan to hook the viewers?Continue reading “Begum Jaan Movie Review: Of Women Behaving Badly”

Trishul! A High Voltage Drama Par None!

Trishul! 3 years after the record breaking classic that Deewar was, Yash Chopra set out to make another high voltage drama about a son’s vendetta against an errant father. While Deewar was set in the big bad streets of Mumbai, Trishul shifted the location to the plush and sophisticated environment of upper class Delhi.
Like every follow up to a massive hit, this one was grander in scale, bigger in ambition and never really matched the reach of its predecessor. Nobody in their right mind would refer to Trishul as an underrated movie, but, out of Yash Chopra’s biggest hits, this one has hardly been written about by the critics and almost never analyzed. Of course, the following article is not a critical analysis of the movie, but more of a tribute to one of the best dramas ever captured on screen in Indian Cinema. A drama so good it’s been remade in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam, revisited as Vijay by Yash Chopra himself, and if rumours are true, it will be remade as Aurangzeb with Prithviraj and Arjun Kapoor.Continue reading “Trishul! A High Voltage Drama Par None!”

Kabhi Kabhie- at some other bend of life…

kabhie kabhie posterEvery artist has his own way of creative escape. And for the man heralded as King of Romance in Indian cinema, staying away from it for long was not an option. After his 1959 debut as director, Yash Chopra went on to make films which could primarily be branded ‘serious’. Continue reading “Kabhi Kabhie- at some other bend of life…”