Pulimurugan Movie Review: The Tiger Roars and Shows Who’s the Boss

Not too long ago many of us had given up on Mohanlal, neither was he drawing crowds to the theatres like he used to do with remarkable ease film after film, nor was he managing to please the critics. However with Drishyam he made everyone shut up, even as the film appealed to audiences far and wide and critics too were moved by what Jeethu Joseph managed to come up with through this film. But somehow his choice of films post Drishyam have not been all that convincing, even his fans have not been completely satisfied to be honest. With no release for around 8 months (post Kanal) one was left wondering what exactly is his game plan but it looks like he knew that he was always there in the hunt. With Vismayam/Manamantha he showed that he is still good with the simple family oriented subjects and with Janatha Garage he managed to wow the Telugu audience as well.  And by the time you read this I’m sure everyone knows that he has now had huge back to back hits in the form of Priyadarshan’s Oppam and of course Vysakh’s Pulimurugan.Continue reading “Pulimurugan Movie Review: The Tiger Roars and Shows Who’s the Boss”

Iraivi Movie Review: An Interesting Tale of Three (WO) MEN

At the very outset let me start by confessing that Karthik Subbaraj makes it difficult for critics when it comes to reviewing his films. I say difficult because he comes up with films for which it is tough to analyse things in detail as such and also avoiding serious spoilers as well. At the same time he packs in way too much into his films, that it is tough not to think, assimilate one’s thoughts and then come up with something that you feel is satisfactory enough for the film in question. With his third film, the well anticipated Iraivi now in theatres it’s also heartening to say that Karthik has managed to pull it off once again. He has come up with a film that once again carries his stamp of intelligent filmmaking and is completely different from his earlier works, Pizza and Jigarthanda. With Iraivi the focus is on just a few characters, 3 men and 3 women to be precise. It’s a story of multiple relationships, with nothing seen as simple and straight forward.Continue reading “Iraivi Movie Review: An Interesting Tale of Three (WO) MEN”

Iraivi: Trailer

Iraivi Poster 3Karthik Subburaj the maker of the acclaimed Tamil films Pizza (2012) and Jigarthanda (2014) is back with his next film, Iraivi (Goddess). Iraivi sees Karthik reunite with C.V.Kumar, the producer of Pizza. The film has an interesting star cast comprising of S.J.Suryah, Vijay Sethupathi, Bobby Simha, Kamalinee Mukherjee, Anjali, Pooja Devariya, Karunkaran etc. The music is by Santosh Narayanan while Sivakumar Vijayan is the DOP and Vivek Harshan is the editor.Continue reading “Iraivi: Trailer”

Godavari: A Sublime Journey of Life, Love and All That!

A friend of mine who loves watching Telugu movies had been recommending Godavari to me for a year. I’d heard quite a bit about this movie.  Unfortunately for me though, my Telugu is barely functional at the most and it helps me sit through the usual Masala flicks starring my usual favourite, Mahesh Babu, But for a talk-heavy (or so i figured) movie like Godavari, I didn’t want to risk watching it without subtitles. And out here in Mangalore, Telugu movies release pretty rarely, and if they do, It’s in this super-stuffy single screen the other side of town, So i figured, Might as well wait for the original DVD to come out. So last week, I finally found the original copy of Godavari and I gotta admit, I’m glad i picked it up. 😀

From the time I was a kid , I’ve always had a fondness for the Middle of the road genre of movies from the Hrishida and Basuda school of film-making. And Godavari is as middle of the road (More like middle of the river considering the story line 😛 ) as it gets.Continue reading “Godavari: A Sublime Journey of Life, Love and All That!”

Natholi Oru Cheriya Meenalla Movie Review: Of Metaphors and Life Beyond the Ordinary

By now anyone who’s been following Malayalam Cinema reasonably enough is aware of filmmaker V.K.Prakash’s proficiency. A prolific ad filmmaker who started off his feature film innings in a not so remarkable fashion initially, it’s only in the recent 2-3 years that he has really found his true space in Malayalam Cinema.Continue reading “Natholi Oru Cheriya Meenalla Movie Review: Of Metaphors and Life Beyond the Ordinary”

Natholi Oru Cheriya Meenalla: Sneak Peek

V.K.Prakash is one of the more prolific filmmakers in the Malayalam film industry these days,quite impressive considering that he’s also an active ad filmmaker. While his films like Beautiful and Trivandrum Lodge got noticed and did well commercially and Karmayogi was more of an art house film, his last film, Poppins (remake of his own Kannada film-Aidu Ondla Aidu) turned out to be a disaster.Continue reading “Natholi Oru Cheriya Meenalla: Sneak Peek”

Aparajita Tumi Movie Review: A Tale of Relationships

Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury aka Tony Chowdhury made his transition to feature films from the world of ad films. With his first two films-Anuranan and Antaheen, Aniruddha has already indicated the kind of films he’s comfortable making. One might appreciate or have problems with both Anuranan and Antaheen but one cannot help but notice that certain patterns are very clear from these 2 films. Both the films try to cater to the educated and cosmopolitan Bengali viewers and they certainly do include well known actors as well. The aim is to try to do films that convey something interesting moving away from the hustle & bustle of the formula films while still firmly maintaining a firm foot within the commercial framework.Continue reading “Aparajita Tumi Movie Review: A Tale of Relationships”

Aparajita Tumi- Sneak Peek

Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury is one of the new generation Bengali filmmakers who has already made his presence felt with his films Anuranan & Antaheen. While one may or may not appreciate his films there’s no debate about the fact that both these films have reached out to their target audience effectively. Aniruddha is now back with his 3rd film, Aparajita Tumi and this is based on Sunil Gangopadhyay‘s work- Dui Nari Hate Torobari.Continue reading “Aparajita Tumi- Sneak Peek”