100 Days Of Love Movie Review: Fortune Favours the Brave

Long back there was a period when I used to be in love, a time when after a few drinks you knew you had someone to talk to. Sometimes then you would even end up speaking or doing something that you do not remember or regret the next day morning. So much say that you would tell yourself not to repeat the act, only to do it again a few days or weeks later :). Jenuse Mohammed’s debut film as writer-director, 100 Days Of Love takes me back to those days, those days that I have always cherished, those days that I look forward to once again. Son of the veteran Malayalam filmmaker Kamal, Jenuse seemed to have got it right with the lead pairing of Dulquer Salmaan and Nithya Menon, a pair that will soon be seen shorty again in Mani Ratnam’s OK Kanmani. Thanks to the title largely and with the subject being romantic, talks of the film being an unofficial adaptation of (500) Days of Summer were all over (the official Wiki page of the film still mentions it), something I was hoping wouldn’t be true.Continue reading “100 Days Of Love Movie Review: Fortune Favours the Brave”

100 Days of Love: Sneak Peek

100 Days of Love Poster 3Jenuse Mohammed,son of veteran Malayalam filmmaker Kamal,makes his entry as writer-director with the Malayalam film 100 Days of Love. Featuring the hot pair of Dulquer Salmaan and Nithya Menen in the lead,the film is produced by K.V.Vijayakumar. Also featuring Sekhar Menon, Rahul Madhav, Aju Varghese,V.K.Prakash, Vineeth etc, the film has music by Govind Menon. Pratheesh Varma is the DOP while Sandeep Kumar is the editor. Continue reading “100 Days of Love: Sneak Peek”

A Tribute to Kamal Swaroop’s Om Dar B Dar

PVR Directors rare Om Dar B DarOm Sankar always wanted to become a filmmaker. But he went on to become an astro physicist from Ajmer. Actually his father forced him in to becoming a scientist. Now this kind of ‘educational abuse’ is very common among Tam Brahms. But his father belonged to ‘anusuchit jati’. There are two versions of this story, one that his father made a fraudulent caste certificate to help his relatives, second is that he was actually from ‘anusuchit jamati’ , but government thought that his jamati  no longer constitutes a vote bank. Whatever be the point is he now neither a Tam Brahm nor from ‘anusuchit jati and jamati’.
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The Best of Malayalam Cinema in 2013: A Perspective

Ramzan Malayalam ReleasesCompared to 2012 which was a landmark year of sorts for Malayalam Cinema 2013 was a little uneven year of sorts. But 2013 is a unique year for Malayalam Cinema where in terms of quantity of output Malayalam saw the maximum number of straight releases as compared to any other Indian language (apparently 158 straight releases and 12 dubbed releases with Tamil being a close second with 149 straight releases).  In terms of films which were clear trendsetters maybe the number of exceptional films weren’t too many, but keeping in mind that 2013 wasn’t an exceptionally special year for Indian Cinema per se, the output of Malayalam Cinema was still quite impressive. Sure the industry had its fair share of disappointments but then they do not outweigh the things which worked positively. Before I go on to talk about the films which made a difference in the year, let’s first look at some of the significant developments and aspects that were observed over the year.Continue reading “The Best of Malayalam Cinema in 2013: A Perspective”

My Best Of Regional and World Cinema In 2013

Yet another hectic and eventful year at the movies comes to an end. Every year we see films which we love, hate, abhor, feel indifferent towards. And this year has been no indifferent.

As the year draws to an end, every film buff (including yours truly) loves making a compilation of films under various such categories (good films, bad films etc)

As a movie buff this year too was no different.  There were some films, which made for pleasurable viewing while some films induced sheer boredom and made for a rather tedious viewing.  Regional cinema (esp. Tamil and Malayalam films) in my opinion once again reiterated that they are churning out films which are different from the regular fares, yet makes for some good viewing  while being commercially viable .

Besides there were a lot of foreign language films which made all the right noises amongst movie buffs and the film festival circuits.

So here goes my list of best films in the foreign films and regional cinema section.

Too many films and too little time has been the bane of every film buff. As always there were quite a few films I wanted to watch but could not due to various reasons. So in case you do not find a particular favourite of yours mentioned in this list, kindly excuse me. 🙂
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Nadan: Trailer

Nadan PosterVeteran Malayalam filmmaker Kamal‘s Celluloid which released earlier this year continues to be in demand as it was one of the contenders for being India’s entry to the Oscars 2014. It is also continuing its festival run and will also be part of the Indian Panorama at IFFI-Goa later this month.Continue reading “Nadan: Trailer”

Celluloid Movie Review: A Tribute Movie of a Special Kind

Celluloid movie poster
Celluloid movie poster

Against the backdrop of films like Lincoln being under the spotlight we keep hearing of why there are very few biopics in India getting made of late. In fact it’s true that Paan Singh Tomar was one of the rare biopics in India last year and a rather good one at that. This post is not about exploring the scenario of biopics in India (we can save that for another day) but to acknowledge a really well made biopic in Malayalam, Celluloid. Continue reading “Celluloid Movie Review: A Tribute Movie of a Special Kind”

The Kerala State Film Awards 2013: List of Winners

The Kerala State Film Awards 2013 have been announced (for films released/certified in 2012) a short while ago by the Kerala Minister for Sports and Cinema, B.Ganesh Kumar. Films like Celluloid and Ayalum Njanum Thammil were among the major winners. Given below is the complete list of awards and the respective winners.Continue reading “The Kerala State Film Awards 2013: List of Winners”

Celluloid: Trailer

Veteran Malayalam filmmaker Kamal is now all set to present before us his latest film, Celluloid starring Prithviraj and Mamta Mohandas in the lead roles. Celluloid is a biopic based on the life and times of J.C.Daniel, considered to be the Father of Malayalam Cinema. Continue reading “Celluloid: Trailer”