Anything But Bollywood

Anything But Bollywood, is a new podcast on the IVM (Indus Vox Media) network. It features conversations with India’s best independent filmmakers and creators as they talk to filmmaker Neha RT about their journeys, and what it means to survive and thrive in a niche, outside of mainstream Bollywood. With this show Neha RT hopes to inspire young filmmakers with stories of the alternative filmmaker’s life, their passions, failures, and world view. The lineup for the first season includes well-known guests like ad filmmaker Prahlad Kakkar, actress Kalki Koechlin, documentary filmmakers Paromita Vohra, Shaina Anand, Kamal Swaroop, and independent filmmakers ‘Q’, Ashim Ahluwalia, Shonali Bose, Guneet Monga, and film festival programmer Deepti Dcunha. 

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Dance for Democracy: Teaser of Kamal Swaroop’s new documentary film

Kamal Swaroop is the director of the cult classic Om-dar-ba-dar. The post-modernist film, widely regarded as one of the most weird films ever made in India, though completed in 1988, managed to find a release only last year.

Dance for DemocracyAfter a documentary film on Dadasaheb Phalke called Rangbhoomi, Kamal Swaroop has gone on to make another documentary film that tracks the duel between Narendra Modi and Arvind Kejriwal for the seat of Varanasi in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Dance for Democracy has been shot for close to 40 days during the entire electoral campaign till the results were declared on May 16th. It’s a 120 minutes film produced by the american production house Medient studios.

Here are the teasers for the film:
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A Tribute to Kamal Swaroop’s Om Dar B Dar

PVR Directors rare Om Dar B DarOm Sankar always wanted to become a filmmaker. But he went on to become an astro physicist from Ajmer. Actually his father forced him in to becoming a scientist. Now this kind of ‘educational abuse’ is very common among Tam Brahms. But his father belonged to ‘anusuchit jati’. There are two versions of this story, one that his father made a fraudulent caste certificate to help his relatives, second is that he was actually from ‘anusuchit jamati’ , but government thought that his jamati  no longer constitutes a vote bank. Whatever be the point is he now neither a Tam Brahm nor from ‘anusuchit jati and jamati’.
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Om Dar Ba Dar : A Pioneer in Indian Avant – Garde

Om Dar Ba Dar
Om Dar Ba Dar

“Forget Bunuel, Jodorowsky or Warhol for a while! If there’s a single Indian film that draws you towards mind-blowing realm of post modernist…absurdist…surrealist blast to the senses, here’s the cult made by Kamal Swaroop.” This had been the reaction of one of my facebook friends(Hiren Dave), after watching Om Dar Ba Dar. This is considered to be a groundbreaking film in Indian cinema, pertaining to the avant-garde genre.Continue reading “Om Dar Ba Dar : A Pioneer in Indian Avant – Garde”