Dear Comrade Movie Review: Women in the World of Men

It has been a while since I have written here. Our site had become dormant of sorts of late and sadly we even recently lost our domain to a cyber squatter and we have now moved to Anyway, it is time to restart from scratch of sorts and be back in full force again.Continue reading “Dear Comrade Movie Review: Women in the World of Men”

Kunjiramayanam Movie Review: A New Generation Film with an Old World Charm

The 80’s and early 90’s weren’t really a great period for Indian Cinema overall, Hindi Cinema or Bollywood as its more popularly referred to as in particular went through a torrid time those days. But when it came to Malayalam Cinema things were quite different, as it is the 80’s and early 90’s that are always referred to as the golden age of the industry. Of late there has been a proliferation of “new gen” films, films made usually by youngsters, a lot of them focusing on interesting and varied themes, but quite a few of them are also sadly inspired and even copied from various sources. However there are some of the recent Malayalam filmmakers who believe in not just making a good film, but who in some way are also trying to see if they can pay tribute to the golden age of Malayalam cinema, which gets reflected in their output as well. One such filmmaker perhaps is Basil Joseph who has now made a transition from short films to feature films with Kunjiramayanam.Continue reading “Kunjiramayanam Movie Review: A New Generation Film with an Old World Charm”

Orange Mittai Movie Review: Relationships Work without Boundaries, Sometimes

How often have you met someone and felt a sense of discomfort at first glance, only to go on to get close to him/her later on? How often do you think of some people and regret for what you had done for them earlier? Is it possible to actually have a person outside your family circle become as important if not more important than your close family members? Are we still humane enough these days to go beyond the call of duty and look at making someone else happy, probably even at the cost of our own personal discomfort earlier? Well I’ve been thinking of all these questions and more ever since I watched Orange Mittai a few days ago. It’s not the only film of late which has made me think a lot, there have been others as well for sure. But it’s probably the only film in recent times which made me think on these particular lines, which is something I can certainly vouch for.Continue reading “Orange Mittai Movie Review: Relationships Work without Boundaries, Sometimes”

Orange Mittai: Trailer

Orange Mittai Poster 2Vijay Sethupathi who is one of the more popular actors to have emerged from Tamil Cinema of late has now turned producer as well with Orange Mittai (orange candy). In an interesting move, the film is being directed by Biju Vishwanath, an award winning writer-director known in the International film festival circuit, but unknown to the general audience in India. Vijay Sethupathi has also written the dialogues for the film (screenplay by Biju Vishwanath) and the film has music by Justin Prabhakaran. Incidentally Biju Vishwanath has also handled the cinematography and editing of the film. Continue reading “Orange Mittai: Trailer”

Pannaiyarum Padminiyum Movie Review: Slow and Steady Wins the Heart

Pannaiyarum_Padminiyum PosterI had mixed feelings when my friends called me to watch Arun Kumar’s ‘Pannaiyarum Padminiyum’(PP). It was based on one of my favourite short films from the Nalaya Iyakkunar stable. It was one I had watched over and over again and felt very attached to on an emotional level as it touched a cute subject, had a racy script and was peppered with some of the finest acting the script could get.  My worries when the feature film came around was, is this too much of a short film -> feature film wave? Is this wave turning to pure exploitation? Does this script even have enough potential to be developed into a full length movie? Thankfully the movie answers most of these questions in the affirmative.Continue reading “Pannaiyarum Padminiyum Movie Review: Slow and Steady Wins the Heart”

Pannaiyarum Padminiyum: Trailer

Pannaiyarum PadminiyumArun Kumar who was part of the popular Nalaaya Iyakkunar series on Kalaignar T.V had made a short film called Pannaiyarum Padminiyum. He now is ready with his 1st feature film which is an adaptation of his own short film with the same title. Continue reading “Pannaiyarum Padminiyum: Trailer”