CityLights Movie Review : A Dark Tale of the Grim Reality That Must Not be Missed

Hansal Mehta’s CityLights is one film I have been gushed about ever since I heard about it. After watching his earlier venture, Shahid, 2 years ago, I was convinced that Mehta has found his sleight in telling tales of the teething realities of our times. Gripped by the first trailer itself, I went in to watch the film first day first show, this morning. It is not a happenstance that he has cast the phenomenal Rajkumar Rao in this one, post their association in Shahid. The duo also won National Awards individually for the earlier film and Rao is undoubtedly India’s current best actor. Contrary to the struggles faced by Shahid to find a theatrical release, the Bhatts (Vishesh Films) took up CityLights early on and have watermarked it with their traditional music style without robbing it off its essence. Yet, CityLights is far less greater than Shahid which goes on to say that it is hard to create magic on screen everytime you decide to make a film.Continue reading “CityLights Movie Review : A Dark Tale of the Grim Reality That Must Not be Missed”

Citylights: Trailer

Citylights PosterCitylights is an official remake of Metro Manila (2013), a British-Filipino film that received critical acclaim and was even Britain’s official entry to the 86th Academy Awards for the Best Foreign Language Film. Produced by Vishesh Films and Fox Star Studios, Citylights sees the National Award winning actor-director duo of Rajkummar Rao and Hansal Mehta coming together once again. The film talks about Deepak Singh (Rajkummar Rao) who is forced by circumstances to move out of his native place along with his wife (Patralekha) and daughter to the big bad World of Mumbai to seek a better living, only to realize that things aren’t as rosy as they had expected it to be.Continue reading “Citylights: Trailer”

Youngistaan Movie Review : Definitely a better film than you expect it to be

Youngistaan Movie ImageThis is the revelation of the day for me. Youngistaan is not a terrible film, infact it is a decent one time watch. Or maybe I was in a mental state where I would have liked anything.

For some weird reason, everyone that I know or follow on Twitter, has been humming the song ‘Suno Na’ from Youngistaan. Maybe its just the magic of Arijit Singh. But then Youngistaan did have an interesting premise, which was being jacked by an uninteresting lead actor, Jacky Bhagnani. Jacky, in his 5th film produced by his dad, is a persistent guy who is determined to juice out every penny of his dad’s account anyhow. Whether Vashu Bhagnani believes it or not, but him producing all the films for his son is creating a negative conjecture amongst the audience about his films. While Youngistaan may be the first decent film they have produced together, but people may not still come out to theaters because of Jacky’s unfavorable image with the popular audiences. To set the record straight, he is still not an ‘actor’, even after this one. Continue reading “Youngistaan Movie Review : Definitely a better film than you expect it to be”

Nominations For the Best of Bollywood 2013!

Like most other years, 2013 too has been an eventful year for the Hindi film industry. And unlike other years, 2013 was also the 100th year for the Hindi film industry. However, the centenary wasn’t really a landmark in terms of quality; we didn’t have a watershed of extraordinary films. Yes, we had a few brilliant pieces of cinema but we also had a truckload of terrible movies. What has been most encouraging in this entire melee is the gradual acceptance and support rendered to smaller films. While we had Kiran Rao helping a “Ship of Theseus” to get a release, we had a Karan Johar taking “The Lunchbox” out to the masses. In this post, I enumerate my (completely) personal list of favourite films of 2013 and their different aspects. These are my nominations for the best of Bollywood in the year 2013. While I have considered six nominees for every category (most of which are non-technical), I have added one more as “Almost There”, whom / what I feel is good but not enough to be on the list. Would love to get your vote from the nominees or any additional candidate you feel like.Continue reading “Nominations For the Best of Bollywood 2013!”

Aashiqui 2: Official Teaser

Almost 23 years after its release, the Bhatts have decided to resurrect one of their biggest brands- Aashiqui.Continue reading “Aashiqui 2: Official Teaser”

Bapi Bari Jaa-Sneak Peek

Produced jointly by Shree Venkatesh Films and Ideas Creations ( Prosenjit Chatterjee ), Bapi Bari Jaa is a coming of age Bengali film directed by Sudeshna Roy and Abhijit Guha. Based on a story written by Sudheshna Roy,the screenplay is by Padmanabha Dasgupta while Jeet Ganguly has composed the music.Continue reading “Bapi Bari Jaa-Sneak Peek”

OORVAZI TALKING CINEMA – Film Review "Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi"

MAM brings to you an exclusive video review for the first time of the movie Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi by Oorvazi Irani and her thoughts on the same.

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Directed by Bela Bhansali Sehgal